Friday, October 18, 2013

Video: California Whale Watchers Get Up Close with Explosive Great White

Talk about having a lucky day!  These fortunate whale watchers aboard a Dana Wharf Whale Watching cruise had a rare surprise this week when they encountered a large 12-14 foot great white riding their vessel's bow wave.

Although it is a short video at only 11 seconds, what makes it extra special is getting to see the explosive power of this formidable apex predator.

As the vessel nears the shark, the GW decides it has had enough and with several explosive thrusts of it's thick powerful caudal fin, it shoots out of the area.

You have to keep an eye on the Dana Warf Whale Watching video page as you never know what they'll show next.  One of their most famous videos was from last year when they captured some very cool video of a blue whale doing its best impersonation of the shark from Jaws. The effect was caused when the whale swam on its side and raised its tail fluke out of the water. (2nd video).