Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Video: Angler Tries to Land 9 Foot Tiger Shark Off Florida with Busted Rod

9 foot tiger shark off Florida being landed by Paul Colbert
Fisherman Paul Colbert was in the process of reeling in a 9' tiger shark 30 miles off the Florida Coast when the powerful shark broke his fishing rod in half.

The video picks up at the point where Paul almost has the shark to the surface.  It doesn't indicate how long prior he had been fighting the fish.  When he does finally get the shark to the surface and gets a chance to see what is on the end of his 50lb mono fishing line, he let's out a "ohhhh, jeez" as he spots the 9 foot tiger for the first time.

At about the 1:40 mark, we get a good visual of the shark as Paul pulls it to the surface.  His friends are quick to start taking photos which is a good thing because within a few seconds, you hear the snap of Paul's rod (2:02 mark).  As the top end  of the pole slides down into the shark's mouth, Paul continues fighting the shark with the remaing rod but the battle is short lived as the line quickly breaks and the shark slowly swims off.

Paul Colbert attempts to land FL tiger shark with broken rod.
As Paul watches the shark swim away, he looks to the camera holding his broken rod and states with a somewhat satisfied grin, "one thousand dollar friggin rod...done."  His friend then asks Paul if he has any last words to which he replies that it was like pulling in a semi truck.

Video posted by Paul Bozarth and is 3:19 in length.
Photos are screenshots from video.