Monday, October 28, 2013

Snorkeler Bitten by Shark in Turquoise Bay in Western Australia

Turquoise Bay, Western Australia
A woman in her 60's was bitten by a reported black tip shark while snorkeling 40 meters from shore in the crystal clear waters of Turquoise Bay which is located in the Cape Range National Park, about 60km south of Exmouth, Western Australia.

She sustained serious injury to her right arm and is being transported by the Royal Flying Doctor Service to the Royal Perth Hospital for possible surgery.

Turquoise Bay is a popular spot for snorkeling due to it's picturesque setting and stunning water clarity.

Photo from Tourism Western Australia

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UPDATE 11/04/2013: The victim, Glenda Simmons, underwent six hours of surgery to repair her broken wrist and torn ligaments in her arm.  Although she is still recouping from her injuries, she states that she would not hesitate going back into the water adding that "it is too beautiful to be up there (in Exmouth) and not to see what is under the water."  You can read her first hand account here.