Monday, October 21, 2013

Shower With the Sharks in Georgia

If you happen to be a guest at John Paker's lake house at Lake Sinclair in Georgia, you might have some frightful flashbacks to the movie Jaws when you go to use the guest shower.

John and his wife love to entertain and have people stay over and they soon found a need for an additional shower to accommodate their guests.  So when it came time to expand, John took his cue from his niece Karen Scarbrough, who was a huge fan of sharks.

John designed and built the first ever shark shower.  With the help of some family labor, he constructed the frame and then covered it with seven gallons of resin and eight gallons of speed-liner which is normally used as bed liner for trucks.  When done, his toothy creation measured 15 long by 3 feet wide.

John's creation was quickly the talk of the town and he soon found people pulling up to shore to take photos of the Lake Sinclair land shark.