Sunday, October 27, 2013

Hannah Mermaid Swims with a Whale Shark

Hannah Mermaid swims with a whale shark
Hannah Mermaid swims with whale sharks in an effort to bring awareness to the issue of shark finning.

She notes that "whale Sharks are gentle giants, friendly and docile despite their huge size" and although they are under pressure in some parts of the world, their situation in the Philippines has greatly improved over the years.

She states, "Less than a decade ago, the local population of whale sharks in the Philippines had been all but wiped out to satisfy demand for shark fins in China.

Though legally protected, poaching had continued when shark fin traders enticed poor local fishermen to earn money from exploiting these vulnerable animals.

Now finally, local communities have found a way to earn a living from whale shark tourism. Rather than targeting and killing them, the locals are now passionate about protecting them."

Film by Shawn Heinrichs -
Music - 'Crusade' by Kyrstyn Pixton
Video posted on Youtube by Hanah Fraser
Photo is a video screenshot.