Thursday, September 26, 2013

Video: Snorkeler Hand Feeds Tiger Shark While Wearing No Protective Equipment

Hand feeding a tiger shark with no protective equipment
A shark diving company based in the Florida Keys has released a video showing one of their shark wranglers hand feeding a tiger shark while not wearing any protective equipment.

Bryce Rohrer, who is a guide/wrangler with Keys Shark Diving, is shown in the video hand feeding what appears to be a 6 to 7 foot tiger shark.  He has a snorkel and no protective equipment.  The feeding occurred during a half day shark charter on September 20, 2013.

It is clear from the video that Bryce is experienced in dealing with tiger sharks and he appears to be very calm as he at times plays tug-of-war with the hungry shark.  This is a good thing as we see Bryce's hands get quite close to the working end of this young tiger shark.

On several occasions the shark swims right at Bryce but he calmly steers the shark away with a light touch on top of the shark's snout.  At no time does the shark appear to be aggressive towards Bryce other than to the extent that the motivated shark wants more fish.

The video was posted by Key Shark Diving and is 2:03 in length.
Photo is a screenshot.