Thursday, September 19, 2013

Video: A Snorkeler Gets Too Close to Whale Shark & Gets Slapped by Tail

Over the year, we have shared several videos from Sail Rock Divers who are located at Koh Phangan, Thailand.  They always do a fantastic job of putting together a visually entertaining video and we always enjoy viewing them.

Sail Rock Divers also specialize in taking snorkelers and divers out to swim with whale sharks which arrive at Sail Rock on a seasonal basis.  This year alone, 40 whale sharks have been spotted.

In this video, they remind folks not to get too close or touch the whale sharks as they can sometimes 'strike back.'  In this case, a snorkeler enters the water just as a whale shark is passing by.  The snorkeler appears to reach out to touch the passing mammoth but almost immediately, he receives a light strike in the face.  The snorkeler then u-turns and heads back out of the water. Video posted by Sail Rock Daily News and is 15 seconds in length.

Thank you to Evgeny Kovban for giving us a heads-up about this video.
Photo is a screenshot.