Saturday, September 28, 2013

Video: Numerous Bull Sharks Descend on Florida Spearfisherman After He Shoots Fish

Florida spearfisherman rings the dinner bell for these bull sharks after spearing a Jack Crevalle fish.
When you first watch this video from Jupiter Ledge in south Florida, your reaction will surely be the same as ours. What the hell were these guys thinking in spearing a Jack Crevalle fish when they area surrounded by numerous highly amped bull sharks? After all, the outcome seemed predictable to us.

At the 2:10 mark, the video restarts just seconds after the Jack fish is speared.  We immediately see numerous bull sharks swarm the speared fish as well as the two spearfishermen.  Fortunately the divers make out OK as the bull sharks primary focus on the speared fish.  Once the hungry sharks make a quick meal of the handicapped fish, they then create some distance from the divers.

Bull shark in hot pursuit of spearfisherman's catch.
So why did they take the shot when they were in the presence of so many bull sharks? Well according to Diego Asencio, the one behind the camera, the video is rather misleading because of the way he edited it.

He notes in the comments that at the time the fish was speared, there were no bull sharks visible in the area.  It wasn't until the fish had been speared that the bull sharks appeared out of the darkness.  He notes that the circling of the bull sharks, as shown in the beginning of the video, actually occurred after they had speared the Jack fish. In editing, Diego showed the bull sharks circling first.  Further, in all fairness to Diego, he has posted quite a few spearfishing videos which show sharks in the area while fishing so we can assume that he has had some experience in dealing with aggressive sharks.

Finally, for the people who question why they even speared a Jack fish as they are not known for being very edible, he states that the guy who speared the fish provides them to his Vietnamese neighbor who actually likes to eat them.

The video was posted earlier this year by Diego Asencio and is 2:38 in length.
Photos are screenshots from the video.