Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Video: Spear Fisherman's Catch Descimated by School of Sharks

When watching this video, you have to wonder if the spear fisherman didn't know what the outcome would be once he shot the fish.

As the spear fisherman is descending to the ocean floor, you can see several black tip reef sharks in the area. Once he nears the bottom he spots a fish and takes his shot (1 minute mark).  Within seconds of him hitting the fish, approximately five or six black tip sharks descend on his catch and begin a feeding frenzy as the fisherman quickly tries to retrieve his fish.

Seconds later, the shiver of sharks grows to well over a dozen and they make short work of this guy's catch.

There is little detail provided with the video.  It does credit the spear fisherman as Massimo Genovese.  The video was posted on Youtube by i.i.p. and is 1:57 in length.
Photo is a screenshot from the video.