Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Video: Recreational Divers Encounter Great White in Key Largo, Florida

Great white shark at Duane wreck Key Largo, FL
Talk about a check out dive you'll never forget. Shawn Dickens was on a check out dive after not having dove for 11 months when he encountered a great white shark.

Shawn states that the video was taken on the afternoon of July 27, 2013 while he and two others were diving the Duane wreck.  The Duane is a decommissioned US Coast Guard cutter that was sunk as an artificial reef on November 27, 1987.  It is at an average depth of 95 feet and is a popular Key Largo, Florida wreck dive.

Great white shark on Duane wreck Key Largo, FL
As you see in the video, as they descend down the line the lead diver begins pointing to something at the 0:50 mark and within about 20 seconds you begin to see the dark shape of the great white appear out of the blue sea shadows.

The divers appear to stay calm and observant while continuing their descent to the cutter.  Once on the vessel, the shark makes another appearance and then the divers enter the wreck.

Shawn was asked about how they were all able to stay so calm in the presence of the apex predator and he replied, "We always stay calm, move slow, and look for the little things. I've never seen an over reaction help any situation, so why have one."

Well all i can say is kudos to these guys for keeping their cool and thanks for sharing the video.

The video is 19:39 in length and it was posted on Youtube by Shawn Dickens.
Photo is screenshot from video.