Monday, August 12, 2013

Video: Near Record Size Tiger Shark Caught at Texas Beach

Corpus Christi, TX Tiger Shark Catch
On Friday August 9, 2013 in Corpus Christi, TX, an angler spent 3 1/2 hours fighting to land a tiger shark just off the beach south of Packery Channel.

With the help of fellow fisherman and many bystanders cheering him on, Wayne Wimer was finally able to land the 11 foot, 4 inch tiger shark which is near record size for this area.

Once on shore, Wayne was able put a tag with tracking beacon on the shark's dorsal fin.  After a few moments of some obligatory photos of his near record catch, Wayne and his fellow fisherman safely released the shark back into the water.

When asked by KRIS news about tagging and releasing the catch, Wayne stated, "They're majestic animals and that big there's no reason to kill" and added "we can find out all the information of where it's traveling, growth, all that neat kind of stuff just learn more about these animals."

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Second view of the catch posted on LiveLeak by skinner:
Photo above is screenshot from the below LiveLeak video