Monday, August 26, 2013

Video: Florida Fisherman on SUP Board Shocked When Bull Shark Appears

Bull shark attempts to take blue fish from SUP angler
Talk about going for a quite day of fishing and having it turn into a heart-stopping 'Oh Sh&t' moment.  This angler was out on his Stand Up and Paddle (SUP) board and was fishing for blues in Choctawhatchee Bay, which is located on the Emerald Coast region of Florida.  As he's pulling in a nice size blue, he gets a major shock when a bull shark hones in on his catch.

We see the angler reeling in the blue which is putting up quite a fight to the apparent delight of the angler. But within seconds we hear him say "oh sh&t" as he realizes something is wrong.  As the bull shark makes it presence known the angler begins yelling 'oh my god' as the bull shark pursues his catch at top speed.  I'm sure at this point the angler was more concerned about staying sure-footed on the board.

As the shark pursues the blue fish, the angler works to get the fish out of harms way and is eventually able to swing the fish from one side of the board to the other.  It is at this point that the video cuts off so we don't know if he was successful in saving his catch.  We can assume the angler made it out safely as he was later able to post his video ;-)  NOTE: He replays the pursuit in slow motion for the second half of the video.

Video posted on Youtube by Patrick Keefe and is 56 seconds in length.
Photo is screenshot from video