Saturday, August 17, 2013

Video: Fishing Team Catches 8 Foot Bull Shark at Sharky's Pier in Venice, Florida

Fishermen land 8 1/2' bull shark at Sharky's Pier in Venice, FL
A group of fishermen landed an 8 1/2 foot bull shark at Sharky' Pier in Venice, Florida.

The whole encounter was captured on video by an individual who was watching from the pier.  The videographer along with a large group of spectators had a birds eye view of the fisherman as they struggled to get the shark to shore. Although taking place in the dead of the night, the fishermen were aided by several people on the pier who used flashlights to help light the area.

Once they had the shark on shore, one of the fisherman worked to free the hook and often appeared to have his hands a bit too close to the business end of the shark.  I found myself concerned that if the shark thrashed at the right time, the angler stood a real chance of having his hand caught.  It was then that I noticed that the shark was absolutely exhausted and seemingly had not much fight left.

After measuring the shark and taking several photos, two of the anglers pulled the shark out to deeper water. The two anglers, who were standing in waist to chest high water, worked to revive it for over a minute.  They then released the shark to the cheers of the crowd watching from above.  At that point the video cuts off and we do not get to see the shark swim off under its own power.  But hopefully we can take the cheers from the crowd as an indication that the shark was strong enough to swim off.

The video was posted on Youtube by sammeeuwen and is 4:24 in length.
Photo is a screenshot from video