Sunday, August 4, 2013

Video: Fishermen Land Surprise 7 to 8 foot Great White in New Zealand

For the second time in many years, a video from "Ninety Mile Beach" shows the difficulty of releasing a great white shark back into the surf.

This recent video shows the aftermath when fishermen Roger Kane and Genesis pull in a surprise catch at 90 Mile Beach located on the western side of the North Island of New Zealand.  

The video starts as the duo attempt to release the seven to eight foot great white back into the surf. Obviously, due to the size of the shark, they are extra cautious as they attempt to get the shark into deeper waters. With each tentative step further out, they increase the risk of having the shark turn on them.

After several laborious attempts, they are finally able to get the shark far enough out that it can make its own way safely to deeper water.  The video was shot by Chelsea Kane.

Clearly, great whites must be a rarity in this area as Terence Trethewey, the individual who posted the video, happily notes in the video description that the conservation message is finally getting through.

This second video is also from "Ninety Mile Beach" and shows fisherman Shane West struggling to release a great white shark.  Now we should note, in order to spread some confusion, that although this video is from 90 Mile Beach, this beach is located in Victoria, Australia.

The video was taken in November 2009 while Mr. West was fishing for gummy sharks which is considered a local delicacy.  Shane accidentally hooks a small great white which he then cuts free.  A short time later, the shark washes up on shore and then Mr. West gets to work to set it free.

Similar to the first video, Shane has difficulty getting the shark far enough out where it can swim through the breakers to freedom.  But just like his fellow fishermen years later, his persistence pays off and we see the shark finally pushing its way to freedom.  This 2009 video now has over 5.4 million hits.