Sunday, August 4, 2013

Video: Extraordinary Sequence of Great White Predation Breach on a Seal

Seal lands on great white after shark's predation breach
Here's an amazing video sequence of a predation breach by a great white shark in pursuit of a seal.  The amazing images were captured by Ricardo Lacombe in waters off South Africa while aboard African Shark Eco-Charters.

The sequence shows a seal narrowly escape the explosive breach of a great white by flipping high out of the water in a narrow miss of the shark's tremendous bite.  Unfortunately for the seal, as it falls back towards the water, it lands on the back of the shark striking the shark's dorsal fin causing the seal to once again be flipped in the air.

The video is raw footage for an upcoming documentary called Great White Shark Legend.  It was posted earlier today on Youtube by Karen Lawrence and is 0:21 in length.
Photo is a screenshot from video