Monday, August 5, 2013

Video: Diver Suffers Shark Bite While Attempting to Aid Shark

Diver suffers black tip shark bite in South Africa
In a video posted on Likeleak titled 'Black Tip Shark Attacks Diver,' we see a good Samaritan diver suffer a shark bite while coming to the aid of a shark.

Tyler, a shark guide in South Australia, notices a black tip shark with a thick rope wrapped around the shark's dorsal fin. Tyler is able to grab onto the rope and pull himself close enough to where he can attempt to cut the rope with his dive knife.

As Tyler reaches the shark and begins cutting the rope, the shark spins around and bites Tyler through his wetsuit leaving him with a nasty wound to his chest.  The shark then swam away still entangled in the rope.

The incident occurred on July 3, 2013 and the video was posted earlier today on Liveleak by figatomek and is 0:51 in length.
Photo is screenshots from video.

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