Saturday, August 17, 2013

Video: Diver Dances with Nurse Shark...Literally

In what is becoming a growing trend where diver's touch or handle sharks, this video may very well take the cake.  A group of divers in Belize descend on a school of nurse sharks and they all begin grabbing, hugging, and in one diver's case, dancing with the sharks.

Now the risk to the divers is minimized by the fact that nurse sharks are generally docile and don't have the same teeth dynamic as most of their brothers and sisters, but even still, it's just not a good idea to antagonize any wild creature to this extent.  Respect wildlife and you will great reduce your chance of becoming a wildlife encounter statistic.

The video was shot in Ambergris Caye, Brazil and was posted on Vimeo by dcoit.  It is 3:07 in length.

Before we close out, we would be remiss not to mention that nurse sharks will bite back if provoked far enough.  In the second video, which I assume most have you have seen by now, a diver attempted to kiss a nurse shark on the lips and sustains a severe injury to his lips when the shark bites back (1;25 mark).  The diver lost part of his lip and his injury required extensive reconstruction surgery.