Saturday, August 31, 2013

Video: 10 Foot Hammerhead Shark Cruises FL Beach Close to Swimmers

Hammerhead shark close to shore at Miramar Beach Florida
Beachgoers in Miramar Beach in Destin, FL got a bit of a surprise when they found that they were sharing the shallow surf with a curious 10' hammerhead shark.

The shark showed no signs of aggression as it swam near swimmers and kayakers.  According to the video poster, several people attempted to coax the shark away from the surf but we can see in the video that the shark was happy to do its own thing without human intervention.

The video was posted by Perry Marshall and is 1:16 in length.
Photo is a screenshot from the video.

Friday, August 30, 2013

Video: Young Anglers Catch 12-14 Foot Tiger Shark Using Hand Line in Hawaii

These two young anglers land a large tiger shark using a hand line off the Big Island of Hawaii at Honokohau Harbor. According to the description, they estimate the shark was between 12 to 14 feet in length.

The description states that it was a catch and release but we do not actually see the shark's release in the video. You do have to wonder what sort of condition the shark was left in after it thrashed about on the sharp Big Island lava rocks.  Hopefully if it did sustain any injury, it was minor and the shark was healthy enough to swim off.

Video posted on Youtube by Mikey Mccrum and is 1:46 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Video: Deidra Bridger's Bull Shark Catch & Release

Deidra Bridger and Bo Johnson bull shark catch & release.
In this Vimeo video titled "Teeny Bikini Bull Shark," we see the team of Deidra Bridger and Bo Johnson catch a  bull shark and then work to remove the hook.  After a short struggle, the hook is safely removed and the shark swims off.

Deidra and Bo were winners of the 2011 and 2012 Madfin Shark Series which is the only nationally televised catch and release shark competition in the world.

Video posted by JM Associates.
Teeny Bikini Bull Shark from JM Associates on Vimeo.

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

11-Year-Old Boggie Boarder Bitten by Shark in Florida

Riley Breihan shark bite injury FL -  Credit
An 11-year-old girl, Riley Breihan, sustained two shark bites while in knee deep water at WinterHaven Park in Ponce Inlet, Florida. Riley had been boggie boarding this past Sunday when she stood up in shallow water and was bitten twice on her lower left leg.

According to her father via Facebook, "she came out screaming bloody murder trying to save her boogie board at the same time then she just threw the board down and ran onto the beach bloody."

Riley was taken to an area hospital for treatment and they discovered a small tooth embedded in her leg.  Her father states that she is doing well and even wanted to go to school the following day.

There have been two shark bite incidents in Volusia County this year and in 2012, there were eight incidents.

Video: Violent Struggle Ensues as Nurse Shark Rips Fish Off Spearfisherman's Stringer

Diver spots shark before the attack
Diver spots shark
Talk about going from 0 to 100 in a split second, this video of a nurse shark charging a spearfisherman's catch, which was attached to his waist, will most definitely get your heart racing.

The video starts by lulling you into a sense of peacefulness as it shows a spearfisherman, Donald Robertson, and two dive buddies floating through the deep blue waters off Boynton Beach in southeast Florida.  Donald has a GoPro camera attached to his head and we see him settle to the ocean floor to load another spear for his speargun.  At this point, he already has a hog fisher attached to his waist via a stringer.

Nurse shark latches onto spearfisherman's catch and diver fights off the attack
Nurse shark latches onto spearfisherman's catch
At the 0:38 mark, we see his dive buddy waving and yelling at him from a far off distance.  Donald briefly looks up at his buddy but then turns his attention back to his gear. Within a few seconds later, we hear yelling as Donald looks to his right and finds a nurse shark locked onto the hog fish which was attached to him.

In the violent struggle that ensues, Donald looses his grip on his speargun and he must use his hands to fight off the shark. But Donald's defense leaves the shark undeterred and at the 0:52 mark, we see the shark tear off the lower have of the hog fish. But apparently this shark was quite hungry as it immediately comes back for the head portion.  At this point, one of Donald's dive buddies appears in the picture and begins jabbing the shark with the blunt end of a fixed pole spear.  This was enough to convince the shark to back off and we then see it swim down to the ocean floor. We also see the head portion of the hog fish floating through the water.

Shark swims away after attacking diver spearfisherman
Shark swims away
Donald said that in the future, he will definitely use a lift bag to immediately send the fish to the boat after catching it.  He did tell us that he caught a second hog fish later in the dive and immediately took that one to the boat since the same nurse shark was still hanging around the area.

According to the Florida Naturual History Museum, nurse sharks are "mainly non-aggressive, (and) generally will swim away when approached. However, some unprovoked attacks on swimmers and divers have been reported. If disturbed it may bite with a powerful vice-like grip capable of inflicting serious injury."

Above photos are screenshots from the video (posted by Donald Robertson)

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Video: BBFS Capture & Release Tiger Shark off Bimini, Bahamas

BBFS researchers capture & release tiger shark off Bimini Island
Researchers from the Bimini Biological Field Station capture, mark, measure and release a 3.5m tiger shark off the island of Bimini (Bahamas).

Following the shark being hooked, it was bitten by a second 4m tiger shark during the time researches were pulling up the line.  BBFS staff stitched up the bite wound while doing their assessment and the shark successfully swam away.

The BBFS Sharklab is a world-famous facility operated by shark biologist Dr. Samuel H. Gruber. The Sharklab offers marine biology internships to people interested in shark research and the conservation of the ocean's ecosystems.  Learn more:

The video was posted on Vimeo by Olivier Dumons and is 32 seconds in length.  You can view a second video from the same day when another tiger shark swam up to check out the researchers in action (video).
Photo is screenshot from video.

Video: 3 Minutes of Action from Slash the Great White

Slash the Great White from Shark Week
Meet Slash, one the stars from this year's Discovery Channel's Shark Week. Slash is clearly recognizable by its scars and a somewhat nasty hook slash on the corner of it's mouth.

Here's a 3 minute video recap of some of the best Slash moments including some very cool slow motion action.  The video was posted by Discovery and is 3 minutes in length.  Enjoy!
Photo is a screenshot from the video.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Video: Florida Fisherman on SUP Board Shocked When Bull Shark Appears

Bull shark attempts to take blue fish from SUP angler
Talk about going for a quite day of fishing and having it turn into a heart-stopping 'Oh Sh&t' moment.  This angler was out on his Stand Up and Paddle (SUP) board and was fishing for blues in Choctawhatchee Bay, which is located on the Emerald Coast region of Florida.  As he's pulling in a nice size blue, he gets a major shock when a bull shark hones in on his catch.

We see the angler reeling in the blue which is putting up quite a fight to the apparent delight of the angler. But within seconds we hear him say "oh sh&t" as he realizes something is wrong.  As the bull shark makes it presence known the angler begins yelling 'oh my god' as the bull shark pursues his catch at top speed.  I'm sure at this point the angler was more concerned about staying sure-footed on the board.

As the shark pursues the blue fish, the angler works to get the fish out of harms way and is eventually able to swing the fish from one side of the board to the other.  It is at this point that the video cuts off so we don't know if he was successful in saving his catch.  We can assume the angler made it out safely as he was later able to post his video ;-)  NOTE: He replays the pursuit in slow motion for the second half of the video.

Video posted on Youtube by Patrick Keefe and is 56 seconds in length.
Photo is screenshot from video

Video: Now You See It, Now You Don't - Shark Snags 1/2 a Mackerel

Shark grabs 1/2 a mackerel in Broome, Western Australia
In a flash, these anglers in Broome, Western Australia watched as a shark grabbed hold of their mackerel and swam off with 1/2 the fish in just a matter of seconds.

The sneak grab by the shark clearly surprised the anglers which is evident by the audio.  According to the video poster, following the shark's fish grab, six more of his toothy friends showed up and began circling the boat. Obviously they had figured out that this vessel offered an opportunity for an easy snack.  The poster doesn't state whether they continued fishing in that spot.

The video was uploaded by Aude Mayans and is only 16 seconds in length.
Photo screenshot from video.

Saturday, August 24, 2013

Video: Baby Blacktip Shark Goes For a Toe Nibble...Twice

What's the worst thing that can happen to you when you try to feed a few baby blacktip sharks in shallow water?  A little fish decides to hide behind your foot...and the blacktip goes looking for it.

Baby blacktip nibbles at foot in Maldives
Here's a cute video of a guy standing in the crystal clear waters of the Maldives feeding some blacktip shark pups.  As we watch the guy move about in this tranquil setting, we begin to notice that the sharks appear to be growing a bit more excited with each hand toss of food.

As the guy moves about, we can also see that there are some little bait fish swimming about and they too appear to be drawing the attention of the hungry little shark babies.  At around the 0:43 mark, the idyllic setting takes a bit of a turn when one of the tiny bait fish decides it's time to take refuge behind the guy's foot. Good move for the bait fish, not so much for the guy being videotaped.

2nd baby blacktip goes for a toe nibble.  Maldives
As the shark pup shoots in on the guys right foot looking for the elusive bait fish, the guy quickly lifts his foot and takes a step back.  You can tell at this point he doesn't feel concerned but then a few seconds later, a second shark charges the same foot yet again.

This was more than enough for the star of the video and he quickly decides to exit the water.  But not all was lost, once his toes were safely buried in the safety of the sand, both he and his friend had a good laugh at the silliness of the situation.  I'm just glad he was nice enough to share the video on Youtube and allow all of us to join in on the the chuckle.

The video was posted by lérill and is 1:18.
Photos are screenshot from the video

1029 Pound Mako Shark Caught in California

1029 lb Mako Shark caught in California News 12
The fifth largest mako shark ever caught in California waters was reeled in this week by a group of fishermen from Belmar, New Jersey.

According to News 12 New Jersey, angler Jim 'Big Man' Pappacio fought the shark for three hours before landing the 1,029 lb mako.

The shark was brought to shore to be weighed and according to the fishing crew, it then was donated to a local charity for feeding the homeless.

View more photos/story here.
Photo from article

Friday, August 23, 2013

Video: A Rockin' South African Great White Shark Dive

Check out this short video of a great white shark dive at Dyer Island in Gansbaai, South Africa.

The 1:14 video was posted on Youtube by Dennis Kaarsgaarn.

The water visibility is not the best but what makes this video so worth watching is the editing.  Dennis did a great job of putting together a fun and entertaining video.  I hope you enjoy...I know I did.


Shark conservationist goes naked and free-dives with sharks to raise awareness

Press Release August 2013 - From entangling herself naked in fishing nets to free-diving with sharks, South African marine conservationist Lesley Rochat has set out to prove by example that sharks are not the evil man-eating predators we perceive them to be, but an extremely threatened and important part of the marine eco-system. Known as the “Shark Warrior”, Lesley Rochat has travelled all over the world, free diving with sharks to film and photograph the experience for her international Panda Award winning shark awareness campaign called, Rethink the Shark.

 Lesley Rochat
Frustrated by public and Government inertia about shark conservation, Lesley Rochat has now stripped naked for a poster to raise awareness for an anti-shark net awareness. Though this passionate campaigner has gone to all kinds of extreme lengths to raise awareness, it was the first time she went totally naked, tying herself up in gill netting, to make a point as visually powerful as possible.

 “I have proudly joined women who have through the ages gone naked to protest against numerous issues of concern. For example, women have gone naked against bull fighting, against war, against the fur trade, and now against the senseless slaughter of our sharks and other marine life in the Kwazulu-Natal shark nets in South Africa.”

 Lesley Rochat with lemon shark
Sharks are being killed at an alarming rate (over 70 million sharks a year) and most are caught by long line vessels that trail up to 140km lines with over 2500 hooks attached. The demand for sharks parts, in particular their fins, the most expensive fish product in the world, is increasing to satisfy the palette of the elite in a broth called shark fin soup. How their fins are obtained is one of the most cruel, barbaric and wasteful practices, compared to the illegal rhino horn trade whereby sharks are finned alive and then thrown overboard to die a slow and cruel death. Even in South African waters, shark finning is happening daily, people are just not aware of it.

Thursday, August 22, 2013

Massive Tiger Shark Caught Off North Myrtle Beach

Six US Marines catch 14 foot tiger shark off coast of North Myrtle Beach, South Carolina
14 foot tiger shark caught off N. Myrtle Beach.  Myrtle Beach Online
A group of six US Marines from Camp Lejeune, NC pulled in a 14 foot, 700 pound tiger shark while fishing with Fish Hook Charter off the coast of North Myrtle Beach.

According to Myrtle Beach Online, they landed the shark approximately 3 miles out and were in about 35 feet of water.  The group was in N. Myrtle Beach for a bachelor party.

Once the group landed the massive shark, they tied a rope around its tail and then towed it backwards until it drowned. Ronnie Atkinson of Fish Hook Charter told Myrtle Beach Online that South Carolina law allows anglers to keep one shark per boat if it is over 54 inches in length.

We should note that in our opinion, the weight estimate doesn't seem quite right for a 14 foot tiger shark. With a tiger shark that size, we would expect it to weigh at least 1,000 pounds.

Walter Maxwell world record tiger shark
In 1964, Walter Maxwell of Charlotte, NC landed a record sized 1,780 pound tiger shark while fishing off the Cherry Grove Fishing Pier in North Myrtle Beach.  That shark was also measured at 14 feet. It should be noted that most piers today, including Cherry Grove, no longer permit shark fishing.

In an unrelated story, the tiger shark shown in the below video was caught and then released off the coast of Myrtle Beach, SC just last month.  The video was posted by Tom Cushman.

Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Video: Great White Approaches a Group of Florida Fishermen.

Great white off the northeast coast of Florida.
A group of fishermen off the northeast coast of Florida got quite a surprise when a large great white approached their boat.

The fishermen are quite excited to see such an impressive specimen up close and fortunately for us, one of the guys taped the visitor on his camera phone.  And although the quality is lacking, it's still an impressive video.

As the shark swims back and forth, a couple of the guys toss out some fish to see if the shark will bite.  One of the fisherman comments that shortly before the great white arrived, the fishing had dried up.  Smart move clearly know when it's time to get out of town.

The video was posted on Youtube by Will Day and is 1:31 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video   

Video: Diver Goes Deep to Remove Shark Hook

Diver removes hook from shark.
When removing an old fishing hook from a shark while diving, it is quite clear from this video that you better have the correct equipment.  In this case, a good quality chain mail dive suit with matching shark resistant gloves are essential.

The video lacked much background detail but the poster stated that in her daily dives & work with sharks, she is always removing hooks from their mouths.  She notes that this removal was particularly difficult and that after putting the shark in a tonic state, she had to go in deep to reach the hook.

Some folks suggest that it is better to leave the hook and allow it to rust and ultimately fall out.  But in our opinion if you can safely remove a hook, there is little doubt the shark will be better off.  Kudos to the diver!

The video was posted on Vimeo by christina and is 1:02 in length.

Photo: US National Archives Releases Real Photo of Soldier on Rope Ladder with Shark Below

By now, everyone on the planet has seen the lame photoshopped pic of a special forces person climbing a helicopter rope ladder while a great white attempts to snag him in mid air.  Although the pic had a short life as 'real' photo, it didn't take long before it was proven to be  fake.

Now, the US National Archives has released a photo (below) of what is purported to be a real photo showing a somewhat similar scenario.  The photo which was taken in 1996 was originally released with the following caption: "A soldier grips the rope ladder extended from the rear of a helicopter as a shark fin passes in the water close below."

According to the write-up, the National Archives released the photo in honor of Shark Week.  They stated that the photo was located in the records from the Office of the Secretary of Defense.

The elongated fin does have a similar appearance to the tale fluke of a whale.  It reminded me of this video taken in August 2012 by a crew member from a California whale watching boat.  The video was titled "Blue whale impersonates large shark, sighting reminiscent of 'Jaws'..."  It shows the moment a blue whale turned on it's side and raised its tail fluke out of the water.  Photo is a screenshot from the video.  Of course as some of our followers on Facebook have pointed out, this could also be the dorsal fin of a great hammerhead.

Hat tip to Gizmodo for the photo.

US National Archives photo of service member hanging on rope ladder with looming shark fin.

Monday, August 19, 2013

Photo: Leopard Seal with Cookie Cutter Shark Wound

Leopard seal with cookie cuttter shark wound on flank and flipper. Although the wound is painful for the mammal, it is not fatal and the seal should fully recover. Photo from Tathra, New South Wales Australia on 08/142013.

Photo credit NSW National Parks and Wildlife Service.

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Surfer Attacked by Shark Off Hawaii's Big Island

It has happened once again in Hawaii, a 16-year-old surfer has suffered shark bites to both legs while surfing off the Big Island.  The type of shark is unknown but was reported to be 8 feet in length.

The victim was surfing at Pohoiki, HI, which is approximately 30 miles south of Hilo, when the attack occurred at around 1:30pm on Sunday.  The victim was taken by air ambulance to Hilo Medical Center and his condition is unknown at this time.

On the opposite of the island, officials had closed Hapuna beach earlier today due to the sighting of a 10 to 15 foot tiger shark.

This marks the eight shark attack in Hawaii this year. Just last week, a 20-year-old tourist from Germany lost her arm in a shark attack off Maui.

We will update this story if/when more details become available.

News Accounts:
Surfer bitten by shark in waters off the Big Island - KHON2 News
Shark attack at Pohoiki Boat Ramp on the Big Island - Hawaii News Now
16-Year-Old Attacked by Shark at Pohoiki - Big Island Now

UPDATE 08/20/2013: The victim, Jimmy “Ulu Boy” Napeahi, gives an update on his condition.

He was bitten by a 8-10 foot tiger shark and sustained 150 stitches and lost a part of his buttocks.
KHON2 interview

Saturday, August 17, 2013

Video: Diver Dances with Nurse Shark...Literally

In what is becoming a growing trend where diver's touch or handle sharks, this video may very well take the cake.  A group of divers in Belize descend on a school of nurse sharks and they all begin grabbing, hugging, and in one diver's case, dancing with the sharks.

Now the risk to the divers is minimized by the fact that nurse sharks are generally docile and don't have the same teeth dynamic as most of their brothers and sisters, but even still, it's just not a good idea to antagonize any wild creature to this extent.  Respect wildlife and you will great reduce your chance of becoming a wildlife encounter statistic.

Video: Fishing Team Catches 8 Foot Bull Shark at Sharky's Pier in Venice, Florida

Fishermen land 8 1/2' bull shark at Sharky's Pier in Venice, FL
A group of fishermen landed an 8 1/2 foot bull shark at Sharky' Pier in Venice, Florida.

The whole encounter was captured on video by an individual who was watching from the pier.  The videographer along with a large group of spectators had a birds eye view of the fisherman as they struggled to get the shark to shore. Although taking place in the dead of the night, the fishermen were aided by several people on the pier who used flashlights to help light the area.

Friday, August 16, 2013

Surprise! Arctic Shark Caught in Gulf of Mexico by Florida State University Researchers

The Miami Herald has a report of a Greenland shark being caught in the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the report, researchers with Florida State University were conducting a deep sea marine life study to check animals for toxin levels related to the 2010 BP oil spill when they ended up catching the Arctic shark on a baited line at a depth of 6,000 feet.

The shark is native to the waters of Greenland, Iceland and the North Atlantic Ocean.  They are known to travel south of these waters on occasion but it is unknown just how far.

The Greenland shark is the largest member of the dogfish family and can grow to over 20 feet in length and 2,000 lbs.  The shark tends to roam in deep water environments preferring cold water temperatures between 33F-50F.  As water temperatures drop during winter months they will move up to warmer, shallower waters.

The feeding habits of the Greenland shark are varied.  They are considered to be one of the slowest moving shark species and therefore are adept at being ambush predators.  Fish make up the majority of their diet but they will also consume large sea mammals such as seals.  Due to the shark's slow speed, it is thought that they may catch seals when the seals are sleeping.  Greenland sharks have also been found with pieces of horses, polar bears and even a full reindeer in its stomach.

Read more about the Greenland shark catch in the Gulf of Mexico at the Miami Herald.
Photo credit: Doug Perrine/

Thursday, August 15, 2013

Video: Swimming with the Giants of the Sea - Whale Sharks

A couple of enthusiastic swimmers get the thrill of a lifetime when they dive with the giants of the sea in the Philippines.

What made this video so exceptional is the clarity of the water.  It is so clear that it almost looks like they are in a swimming pool. If you enjoy watching whale sharks glide through the water then you will most certainly enjoy this stunningly pretty short video.  

The video was taken in June 2013 but just posted on Vimeo by Jeremy Diamond. It is 1:42 in length. Enjoy!
Photo is a screenshot from the video.

German Tourist Loses Arm in Maui Shark Attack

Helicopter searches for shark following Maui attack
A German tourist who was snorkeling off Palauea Beach in Maui was attacked by a shark on Wednesday August 14, 2013 at around 4:45pm.

According to reports, the 20-year-old victim, Jana Witteropp, was out about 50 yards when the attack occurred.  Her friends heard her scream for help and came to her aide along with a nearby kayaker.  By the time they got her to shore, she had lost a large amount of blood and was not breathing.  The victim lost her right arm and according to a witness on the beach, she had also suffered a bite to the foot.

The victim was taken to Maui Memorial Center in critical condition.

Authorities sent up a helicopter to search for the shark and closed the beach for two miles in both directions from the point of the attack.  At the time of the incident, the water was choppy with limited visibility.

This is the seventh shark incident in Hawaii this year which includes four incidents in Maui.

News Accounts:
Woman visitor loses right arm in Maui shark attack - Hawaii News Now
Maui officials: Victim loses arm in shark attack - KHON 2
German tourist loses her arm in Hawaii shark attack -  CNN
Shark bite severs woman's arm in South Maui waters - KITV News

Video posted on Youtube by Maui Now
Update 08/16/2013 from Hawaii News Now:
Hawaii News Now - KGMB and KHNL

Unfortuantely, we have to give the following update from KHON2 08/21/2013German visitor attacked by shark on Maui dies

Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Video: Diver Releases Nurse Shark Entangled in Fishing Line

Nurse shark entangled in fishing line
A diver comes across a small nurse shark that is helplessly entangled in fishing line.

As the diver films the pathetic scene, the shark attempts to swim away and we quickly see just how hopeless the situation is for the shark. Fortunately, we are told that after the diver finished filming the shark in its dire predicament, he put down the camera and was able to free the shark from the line.

So, I guess this leaves us one just one more thing to do...extending a HUGE attaboy to this diver.  Thank You!!

The video didn't provide any additional details. It was posted by anyway41 and is 225 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Video: Recreational Divers Encounter Great White in Key Largo, Florida

Great white shark at Duane wreck Key Largo, FL
Talk about a check out dive you'll never forget. Shawn Dickens was on a check out dive after not having dove for 11 months when he encountered a great white shark.

Shawn states that the video was taken on the afternoon of July 27, 2013 while he and two others were diving the Duane wreck.  The Duane is a decommissioned US Coast Guard cutter that was sunk as an artificial reef on November 27, 1987.  It is at an average depth of 95 feet and is a popular Key Largo, Florida wreck dive.

Great white shark on Duane wreck Key Largo, FL
As you see in the video, as they descend down the line the lead diver begins pointing to something at the 0:50 mark and within about 20 seconds you begin to see the dark shape of the great white appear out of the blue sea shadows.

The divers appear to stay calm and observant while continuing their descent to the cutter.  Once on the vessel, the shark makes another appearance and then the divers enter the wreck.

Shawn was asked about how they were all able to stay so calm in the presence of the apex predator and he replied, "We always stay calm, move slow, and look for the little things. I've never seen an over reaction help any situation, so why have one."

Well all i can say is kudos to these guys for keeping their cool and thanks for sharing the video.

The video is 19:39 in length and it was posted on Youtube by Shawn Dickens.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Video: Spear Fisherman's Catch Descimated by School of Sharks

When watching this video, you have to wonder if the spear fisherman didn't know what the outcome would be once he shot the fish.

As the spear fisherman is descending to the ocean floor, you can see several black tip reef sharks in the area. Once he nears the bottom he spots a fish and takes his shot (1 minute mark).  Within seconds of him hitting the fish, approximately five or six black tip sharks descend on his catch and begin a feeding frenzy as the fisherman quickly tries to retrieve his fish.

Seconds later, the shiver of sharks grows to well over a dozen and they make short work of this guy's catch.

There is little detail provided with the video.  It does credit the spear fisherman as Massimo Genovese.  The video was posted on Youtube by i.i.p. and is 1:57 in length.
Photo is a screenshot from the video.

Monday, August 12, 2013

Video: Near Record Size Tiger Shark Caught at Texas Beach

Corpus Christi, TX Tiger Shark Catch
On Friday August 9, 2013 in Corpus Christi, TX, an angler spent 3 1/2 hours fighting to land a tiger shark just off the beach south of Packery Channel.

With the help of fellow fisherman and many bystanders cheering him on, Wayne Wimer was finally able to land the 11 foot, 4 inch tiger shark which is near record size for this area.

Once on shore, Wayne was able put a tag with tracking beacon on the shark's dorsal fin.  After a few moments of some obligatory photos of his near record catch, Wayne and his fellow fisherman safely released the shark back into the water.

When asked by KRIS news about tagging and releasing the catch, Wayne stated, "They're majestic animals and that big there's no reason to kill" and added "we can find out all the information of where it's traveling, growth, all that neat kind of stuff just learn more about these animals."

Read more at KRIS 

Second view of the catch posted on LiveLeak by skinner:
Photo above is screenshot from the below LiveLeak video

Sunday, August 11, 2013

SC Surfer Narrowly Misses Being Bitten by 8 Foot Bull Shark

Ocean Surf Shop Folly Beach surf report Sept 10, 2013
A Surfer competing in the 2013 South Carolina Governor's Cup of Surfing narrowly missed being bitten by an eight foot bull shark.

The incident occurred off Folly Beach, SC at around 5:30pm on Sunday August 11, 2013.  The 10-year-old surfer was on his board when the shark bit down narrowly missing him.  The shark became entangled in the board's leash and the boy from Myrtle Beach was was able to unhook the leash from his arm and swim to safety.

Other surfers and several lifeguards also came to the surfer's aid and helped him out of the water.  He was not injured but was obviously shaken from the experience.  The water was immediately cleared and the remainder of the competition was postponed until next month.

Bull sharks have a reputation for being aggressive and on occasion, they have attacked swimmers without provocation but officials noted that such incidents in South Carolina are rare.  In this year's Shark Week episode titled "Most Aggressive Sharks on Earth," the bull shark was rated number one.
Photo credit: Ocean Surf Shop FB Page

News Accounts:
Surfer, 10, escapes injury as 8-foot bull shark attacks during Folly Beach contest - Post & Courier
Shark attacks 10-year-old contestant during surf contest at Folly Beach - The State

Video: Shark Devours Man, Blame Snickers

Snickers Shark Week commercial
With all the controversy surrounding this year's Discovery Channel's Shark Week, it's time to take a step back and look at one of the funniest moments from the week.  If you watched Shark Week using a DVR, there's a good chance you missed it since it was actually a Snickers candy bar commercial.

Did you ever wonder about the taste pallet of a shark?  If so, it seems Snickers has the answer for us.  It's all about chocolate and peanut butter.

After reviewing some of the comments on the video, I'd say the vast majority of viewers felt the commercial was hilarious but there were a few who felt it was perpetuating the belief that shark are pure man-eaters.  But c'mon, let's give the candy company a break, after nearly a week of Discovery telling stories about serial killer sharks and boat eating megalodon sharks, Snickers should be allowed to have a little fun.

The commercial is 32 seconds:
Photo is screenshot from video

Photo: Shortfin Mako

What a fantastic photo of a shortfin Mako!
Photo by Andy Murch 

Video: Diving with Sand Tiger Sharks on the NC Wreck Caribsea

NC Wreck Caribsea
It's time to head to deeper waters for some sand tiger action as these docile, yet toothy sharks lurk around the North Carolina wreck Caribsea.

The Caribsea was sunk on March 11, 1942 by a German U-158 submarine.  The 261 foot ship was sailing alone from Santiago, Cuba to Norfolk, VA with a cargo of manganese which was used in steel production. The ship sustained two torpedo hits on the starboard side and sank within three minutes and came to rest on the ocean floor at 85 feet. It is located about 10 miles off Cape Lookout, NC.

Sand Tiger Sharks at NC wreck Caribsea
Because the ship sank so quickly, the crew was never able to launch their lifeboats.  Off the 28 crew, only seven crewman survived after hanging on ship debris for 10 long hours as they awaited rescue.

Today the ship is a popular site for divers to explore.  It is home to an abundance of marine life including a large population of sand tiger sharks which can be seen in this video. The visibility on the wreck is generally good with viz averaging about 40 feet can be up to 80 to 100 feet at times.

The video was posted earlier today by Andy Orr and is 2:42 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Saturday, August 10, 2013

Video: Kite Fisherman Unintentionally Demonstrates the Way Not to Release a Shark Catch

I came across this video posted earlier today of a kite fisherman in New Zealand attempting to release a bronze whaler shark after catching it at Muriwai Beach.

Judge for yourself but surely most fisherman would have dragged the fish to deeper waters as opposed to hoping the small surf would do the job.

On the positive side, the fisherman continues to move the small shark into the surf and ultimately, it appears the shark is able to swim to deeper waters.  But it was a bit painful watching it unfold.

The video was posted on Youtube by samegnz and is 6:09 in length.

Friday, August 9, 2013

17-Year-Old Suffers Shark Bite at Sanibel Island, Florida

   Sanibel Island, FL shark bite injury. Christian Mercurio
A 17-year-old fisherman, Christian Mercurio, was bitten by a 7 to 8 foot shark while fishing off Sanibel Island, Florida on August 5, 2013

Christian's story had become somewhat buried this week due to the plethora of 'shark week' tales about megalodons and aliens.  But Christian was nice enough to reach out to us via Facebook and let us know the details about his harrowing shark encounter earlier in the week.

On Monday, Christian was fishing off Sanibel Island at around 3:00pm.  He was in three feet of water and was standing on the second sandbar.  At the time, the water was quite murky due to recent rains.

Christian had just hooked a catfish when all of a sudden he felt pressure on his right leg.  He realized he was in trouble when he began to get pushed and pulled.  Assuming that it was a shark latched on his leg, he immediately tried to pull his leg free. He states that it took him about ten seconds to finally rip his leg from the shark's vice like grip.  In the struggle, Christian's left foot was also injured.

Shark bite injury Sanibel Island, FL. Photo courtesy of Christian Mercurio
Once free from the shark, Christian began running towards the shore but slipped and fell several times.  As he made his way closer to shore, he began yelling 'shark' to alert others of the danger.

At the time, his parents were on the beach and they noticed their son running towards shore yelling shark. His mother was initially not sure of what had happened but she soon realized that the situation was serious when she saw Christian exit the water with blood pouring from multiple puncture wounds to his leg and foot.

Once Christian was safely on the beach, medical help was summoned.  His parents began working to control the bleeding and all the while Christian was calmly on his phone texting friends about his real life 'shark week' encounter.

Shark bite injury. Photo courtesy of Christian Mercurio
Christian was transported by ambulance to HealthPark Medical Center hospital.  He sustained multiple puncture wounds to his leg and foot.  The wound to his right leg had a bite radius of 22 centimeters which led his doctor to estimate the size of the shark between seven to eight feet.

Christian tells us that he is doing much better now and that he has been resting and spending time watching episodes of Shark Week, albeit with a new perspective not shared by many.  His biggest regret about the whole incident is that he lost his fishing pole in the attack but he tells us that he'll be getting a new one once he gets back on his feet.

Lastly, Christian told us that he does not blame the shark for attacking him.  He states that "whenever you enter the water, remember you're entering their home" and you need to be prepared to accept the risk that comes with it.

We wish Christian all the best and hope that he gets that fishing pole sooner rather than later.

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Video: Snorkeler Gets Hit by Whale Shark's Tail

Whale shark hits swimmer with tail.
When watching videos of people swimming with whale sharks there seems to be one commonality, they all want to get very close.  In this case, a swimmer ends up too close to a passing whale shark and gets a light hit by the shark's tail.

So what do you do when you get bumped by a whale shark?  You immediately surface and proudly proclaim in a laughing voice, "It hit me!"

Judging by her video description where she states, "best day of my life", I think it is fair to say that the encounter did not cause any injuries.

It sure looks like they had a great day swimming with the whale sharks and you just have to love the visibility.

The swimmer gets bumped at the 2:06 mark.  Video uploaded to Youtube by Lauren Southard and is 3:28 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Thursday, August 8, 2013

Video: Hammerhead Shark Cruising Perdido Key Beach Draws Large Crowd

A hammerhead shark close to shore draws a large crowd at Perdido Key Beach in Pensacola, FL.

Hammerhead shark at Perdido Key Beach
The video starts off with the videographer filming his family but his attention quickly turns to the shoreline when he is alerted about a shark in the water.  The shark is a small hammerhead which appears to be about four to five foot in length.

As he films the shark cruising the shoreline, a large crowd begins to form.  Within no time, it becomes apparent that the shark is the Grand Marshal of a human beach parade as several dozen people excitedly follow the shark along the shoreline.

The video was posted on Youtube by Dan Wilderson and is 2:10 in length.
Photo is video screenshot.

Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Video: Tiger Sharks Devour Manatee Off Florida Coast

Tiger shark eats manatee (Florida)
A group of fishermen come across two tiger sharks tearing into the eviscerated carcass of a manatee floating off the coast of Marco Island, FL. Fortunately for us, they were able to capture some of the action on their cell phone camera.

What makes this video so unique is that sharks and manatees typically co-exist without much issue.  Of course in this case, an easy meal was offered that these sharks could not resist.

Patrick Rose, Aquatic Biologist and Executive Director of Save the Manatee Club, notes that sharks rarely attack healthy manatees due to their large size and because manatees typically spend a considerable amount of time in brackish or even fresh water which is not the favored environment for most sharks (bull sharks being the exception).

Mr. Rose states that he has observed manatees in the close proximity of sharks with no negative interaction between them.  He adds that sharks will sometimes even follow behind the lumbering manatee as they will often stir up fish movement as they move about.

He does note that in the case of either dead or sick manatees, they will sometimes draw the attention of opportunistic sharks which clearly appears to be the case in this video.

The video was taken during a fishing trip with Captain Bubby Hail from Florida's Finest Fishing.  The video was posted on Youtube on June 24, 2013 by Bubby Hail and it is 1:15 in length.

You can view a second video here which appears to have been taken prior to the one shown below.
Photo is screenshot from video.


Video: Meet the Elephant Shark

Elephant Shark (Australian Ghosts Shark)
Meet the elephant shark, Callorhinchus milii. This odd looking fish, which is very closely related to the shark, inhabits subtropical continental shelf waters off the coast of Southern Australia and New Zealand. Alternative names for this unique fish are Australian Ghost Shark, Makorepe, Southern Beauty, and Whitefish.

The elephant shark lives at depths of at least 200 meters and feeds mainly on shellfish, bottom-living invertebrates and small fish. It grows to lengths of 60 and 120 centimeters (two to four feet).

The elephant shark has a long snout with a hoe shaped appendage which it uses to forage for food on the ocean floor. Its dorsal fin has a very sharp spine which is considered to be venomous although no serious injuries have ever been reported.

  Learn more about this unique fish: