Saturday, July 27, 2013

Video: Young Man Attempts to Grab Passing Hammerhead Shark

In what apparently is becoming the new odd sport for beachgoers, we have yet another video where a young man attempts to grab ahold of a hammerhead shark which was cruising near the shoreline.  This appears to have taken place on a US beach along the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the video poster, the shark first appeared when the video poster was in the water with his brother, his brother's wife and their 14 month old daughter.  The shark, which appears to be about five to six feet length, was approximately 20 feet away when they first noticed it and they immediately bolted out of the water.  He then grabbed his Iphone and began recording.

The video poster followed the shark as it cruised along the shoreline.  The shark came across a small group of young men snorkeling and began circling them.  As the shark moved closer to shore, one of the guys ran towards the shark in the shallow water and attempted to grab it.

It should be noted that a hammerhead shark of this size is generally not dangerous to humans.  Although, if an individual decides to grab a shark of any size, the risk of injury grows exponentially.

The video was posted on Youtube by Jon Juliusson and is 24 seconds in length.
Photo screenshot from video