Monday, July 29, 2013

Video: View from the Beach of the July 2013 Recife Brazil Fatal Shark Attack

The following video was posted earlier today and shows a new viewpoint of the fatal shark attack that occurred in Recife Brazil earlier this month.  The earlier video was taken from a surveillance camera high above the water but this appears to have been shot from the beach.

In addition, the 5 minute video also shows what is purported to be some candid photos taken by the victim, Ms. Bruna Silva Gobbi, during her holiday at Recife. It also discusses why there may be so many shark attacks in this particular area.

What I find to be most compelling by this new video is that it drives home with clarity the complete bravery and dedication that was exhibited by the members of the ocean rescue who put their lives on the line to come to the aid of both Ms. Silva and her cousin. Even as the bull shark was attacking Ms. Gobbi, the lifeguards pushed forward to come to her assistance.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Ms. Gobbi's family and friends and to the brave lifeguards at Boa Biagem Beach that they may continue to stay safe.

The video was posted by ivanviolato and is 5:15 in length.

Unedited video taken from the same viewpoint. Posted by Caltec Caldeiras and is 6 minutes.