Sunday, July 28, 2013

Video: Two Humpback Whales Nearly Swallow Snorkelers in California

Divers have a close call with humpback whales in CA.
Talk about a close call.  These two snorkelers (circled in blue) had the scare of a lifetime when they ended up getting a bit too close to the action while filming humpback whales feeding off the Central California Coast .

The video shows the snorkelers within a few feet of the whales mouths during a breach.  One of the diver's states that he knew they were in trouble when they found themselves surrounded by the fleeing fish.

Although the whales were solely focused on consuming fish and had no interest in the two divers, they did come close to accidentally being caught up in the melee.

Fortunately the divers emerged unharmed and now have a story and a video to share for a lifetime.  Of course, they may have to endure continual comments like this one from one of the guys on the boat, "you are going to have to do more to clean that wetsuit."

The video was posted on Youtube by Shawn Stamback on July 20, 2013 and this is the original video.  It is 1:17 in length and they replay the breach in slow motion at the end.
Photo is screenshot from video.