Friday, July 19, 2013

Video: Spear Fisherman Fends Off 16 Foot Great White in South Africa

A spear fisherman had the fright of his lifetime when a 16 foot great white shark swam right up to him and he had to fend it off with his spear gun.

This amazing footage was taken on July 18, 2013 in an area known as the Pinnacles off the Western Cape of South Africa. The diver, who is identified as Eugene, had just finished spearing two nice yellowtail when he noticed something unusual.  There were no ragged tooth sharks in the water which he would typically see when fishing these waters.

Once Eugene surfaced, he quickly learned why there were no other sharks in the area, as a massive 16 foot female great white swam directly underneath him.  And before he could get out of the water, the shark turned around and came right at Eugene.

As the shark approached, Eugene lets loose a tirade of muffled screams which can almost comically be heard in the video.  When the shark was within feet of Eugene, he extends his spear out and pokes the curious shark near its eye (the video repeats the poke in slow motion). This was enough to get the shark to swim off which gave Eugene enough time to make a mad 30 meter swim for the safety of the boat. He popped out of the water and immediately cut the anchor line as he readied the small boat to head for safety.

Eugene leaves us with some celebratory screaming as he realizes that lady luck was on his side following this close encounter with a great white.  Thanks for sharing the video Eugene and have a couple of beers on us!