Friday, July 19, 2013

Video: Man Pulls 7 Foot Hammerhead Shark Up on Shore in Alabama

Man grabs hammerhead shark in Gulf Shores, Alabama
In the 'what the hell was that?' department, we have a shark video for you.

The video shows a hammerhead shark (which appears to be about 7 feet in length) cruising the shoreline at Gulf Shores, Alabama.  After a short period of time, some guy appears in a straw hat and wades into the water and attempts to grab the shark by its tail.  After a couple of attempts, he is able to get a firm hold on the shark's tail and then drags it ashore to the shock of onlookers.

Once on shore, the shark is able to break the guy's grip and then begins furiously wiggling to get back into the ocean.  As several onlookers begin yelling for him to put it back, a bikini clad woman enters the picture and attempts to grab the shark.

Eventually, the man is able to get a hold of the shark's tail and help it safely back into the water were the shark quickly swims away.

We have no idea what possessed him to grab the shark in the first place but doing so without the head being secured is extremely dangerous and he ran a very high risk of getting a nasty bite.  In the past, you may have seen a fisherman do this but keep in mind that the sharks head is somewhat controlled by the fishing hook/line and which makes it much safer for him to handle the shark by the tail.

And one final point, it's never a good idea to harass any type of wildlife.

The video was taken by Julie H. on July 8, 2013 and was posted on Youtube by WootBlueDrink.  It is 1:44 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video