Sunday, July 21, 2013

Video: Female Conservationist Free Dives with 9' Oceanic White Tip Shark

Julie Anderson free dives with oceanic whitetip shark
Shark conservationist and founder of the Shark Angels, Julie Anderson free dives with a nine foot oceanic whitetip shark off Cat Island in the Bahamas.  Her goal in sharing this dive is to bring awareness to the plight of the world's shark population.

Ms. Anderson has swam with numerous species of sharks including those considered more dangerous to humans such as hammerheads, tigers and great whites. She states in the video that swimming with sharks is "one of the most magical, incredible experiences. It's something I encourage everyone to do," she added "Get in the water, meet a shark, because I promise you, you meet a shark, you're not going to want to kill them and you are going to care that they are going extinct."

In reference to her latest encounter with the oceanic whitetip, she states that these sharks have it particularly hard due to the perception by many that they are one of the world's most dangerous sharks.  She hopes by filming and sharing her free dive encounter that she will help change the perception that they are mindless killers.

You can learn more about Shark Angels on their website:

The following video was posted by Barcroft TV and is 2:26 in length.
Photo is screenshot from the Barcroft TV video.