Friday, July 12, 2013

Video: Angler Has Trouble Holding a Shark Which Almost Bites Nine Year Old Boy

The following video was originally posted on Liveleak and then reposted on Youtube. According to the description, the video was taken on July 12, 2013 somewhere in the United States.

The video shows an angler attempting to get control of a shark after he landed it on the beach.  While holding the shark, it momentarily breaks the angler's grip and comes quite near a nine year old boy who was too close to the action. Although both the angler and videographer laugh at the chaos, I'm sure they were quite relieved that the young boy was fast on his feet and was able to avoid injury.

No one is harmed and the angler is eventually able to remove the hook.  While the angler is getting his photo with the shark, the shark again breaks free of his grip and is able to wiggle back into the water.

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