Saturday, July 13, 2013

Shark Bite in Holden Beach, NC

Barbara Corey shark bite injury - photo by WWAY
Various news outlets reported that 63-year-old Barbara Corey was bitten by a shark on Thursday, July 10, 2013, while wading in three to four feet of water off the 200 block of Ocean Blvd, Holden Beach, NC.

According to an interview with the victim by WWAY news, the victim has been surfing her whole life in waters around the globe and has never had a shark incident.  She states that the water was murky and that the shark mistook her foot for a fish.

The shark bit her right foot and she suffered injury to her Achilles tendon.

The reporter from WWAY asked her if she would continue surfing and she replied, "Oh, hell yeah. I'm not giving it up. After 50 years, why stop now?"
Photo from WWAY

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