Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Shark Attacks Surfer at White Plains Beach on Oahu

White Plains Beach - photo credit
Various news agencies are reporting that a shark attacked a surfer at White Plains Beach on Oahu on Monday 07/30/2013 at around 2:10pm. The surfer suffered a severe injury to his right leg and was listed in serious condition.

According to his friend, who was interviewed by KHON2, they were 100 feet from shore when the attack occurred. He stated that the shark flipped the victim over and then took him under for a few seconds. When he popped back up, they looked at each other and quickly paddled to shore.

Following the attack, White Plains Beach and Nimitz Beach were closed by officials.

News Accounts
•Shark attack confirmed at White Plains Beach - Hawaii News Now
•Surfer taken to hospital after shark attack - KHON2
•Shark apparently bites surfer's leg at White Plains Beach - Honolulu Star Advertiser
**Follow up interview with the surfer (07/31/2013): Bite victim speaks about encounter with Tiger Shark - KVOA

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