Monday, July 15, 2013

Fatal Shark Attack Claims Life of 15-Year-Old Girl in the Island of Réunion

Shark Attack at La Réunion - Photo The Journal of the Island  
On July 15, 2013 at around 2:30pm, a 15 year-old-girl was killed by a shark while swimming and snorkeling just 5 meters from shore at the Bay of Saint-Paul in the Island of Réunion.  The island is located in the Indian Ocean and is a French island.

The girl was swimming in an unguarded area which is closed to swimming due to the large number of sharks in the area.  She was with a friend who was unharmed in the attack.

In graphic detail, the The Journal of the Island states that the young victim's body was severed during the attack and that a police helicopter was on scene searching for a body part of the victim.  Other news accounts are saying that the victim was bitten in half and that the shark swam away with the upper part of her torso.

Authorities have authorized the killing of the shark if the shark can be located. 

The last fatal shark attack on La Réunion occurred on May 8, 2013 when a 36-year-old tourist was killed while bodyboarding.

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