Wednesday, July 31, 2013

Video: Southern Right Whale With Numerous Shark Bites Washes Ashore in Australia

Beachgoers on a remote beach near Tumby Bay in South Australia had a surprise on July 30, 2013 when they came across a southern right whale that had washed ashore.

The cause of death was not known but there was clear evidence that the whale had become a shark feast at some point.  It is unknown if the numerous shark bites were the cause of death or if they occurred post mortem, which is most likely the case.

The video was posted by Mark Thomas and is 0:58 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video

Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Video: Shark Cruises Close to Shore

A shark cruises close to the shoreline as lifeguards keep a close eye. It appears that this was taken from a hotel balcony overlooking the beach. Unfortunately, there was no description included with the video which was just uploaded in the last couple hours.

The video was uploaded by Bryan Phillips and is 1:05 in length.

Odd Photo: Man Climbs in Dead Shark and Cuts His Way Out

Fisherman climbs into dead shark. Credit 3AW
The morning team of a talk radio station located in Victoria Australia has posted a photo of what they are calling the 'photo of the year.'

The photo was sent to 3AW Breakfast's John Burns and Ross Stevenson. It shows a Gippsland fisherman celebrating the catching of a large shark by climbing into its gutted body and then pretending to cut his way out.

The shark does appear to be a tiger shark based on closer views.

You can listen to the morning team talk about the photo by visiting their website: 3AW website.

Shark Attacks Surfer at White Plains Beach on Oahu

White Plains Beach - photo credit
Various news agencies are reporting that a shark attacked a surfer at White Plains Beach on Oahu on Monday 07/30/2013 at around 2:10pm. The surfer suffered a severe injury to his right leg and was listed in serious condition.

According to his friend, who was interviewed by KHON2, they were 100 feet from shore when the attack occurred. He stated that the shark flipped the victim over and then took him under for a few seconds. When he popped back up, they looked at each other and quickly paddled to shore.

Following the attack, White Plains Beach and Nimitz Beach were closed by officials.

News Accounts
•Shark attack confirmed at White Plains Beach - Hawaii News Now
•Surfer taken to hospital after shark attack - KHON2
•Shark apparently bites surfer's leg at White Plains Beach - Honolulu Star Advertiser
**Follow up interview with the surfer (07/31/2013): Bite victim speaks about encounter with Tiger Shark - KVOA

Monday, July 29, 2013

Video: View from the Beach of the July 2013 Recife Brazil Fatal Shark Attack

The following video was posted earlier today and shows a new viewpoint of the fatal shark attack that occurred in Recife Brazil earlier this month.  The earlier video was taken from a surveillance camera high above the water but this appears to have been shot from the beach.

In addition, the 5 minute video also shows what is purported to be some candid photos taken by the victim, Ms. Bruna Silva Gobbi, during her holiday at Recife. It also discusses why there may be so many shark attacks in this particular area.

What I find to be most compelling by this new video is that it drives home with clarity the complete bravery and dedication that was exhibited by the members of the ocean rescue who put their lives on the line to come to the aid of both Ms. Silva and her cousin. Even as the bull shark was attacking Ms. Gobbi, the lifeguards pushed forward to come to her assistance.

Our thoughts and prayers continue to go out to Ms. Gobbi's family and friends and to the brave lifeguards at Boa Biagem Beach that they may continue to stay safe.

The video was posted by ivanviolato and is 5:15 in length.

Unedited video taken from the same viewpoint. Posted by Caltec Caldeiras and is 6 minutes.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Photo: Shark Kite Takes Flight

This photo is from an annual three day kite festival which was held in Denpasar, Bali, Indonesia on July 26, 2013.

The festival is a seasonal religious celebration where participants send a messages to the Hindu Gods asking for an abundant harvest for their crops.

The festival had 1121 kites but this one takes the cake for all fans of sharks.  Too cool!!

View many more photos and the story at Mercury News.
Photo from article
Shark kite from Bali, Indonesia 

Photo: Great White Cruises Shoreline at Fish Hoek

Amazing shot of a large great white cruising the beach at Fish Hoek in Cape Town, SA - September 2006. The the photo was taken by a member of the white shark research team of SOS and they did attempt to tag this particular shark but were unsuccessful.

Photo credit - Save Our Seas

Photo: Danica McKellar in Bearshark Video

First it was Sharknado, and now we have a bearshark in an Avril Lavigne video with one of our favorite actresses Danica McKellar.

Danica McKellar in video with bearshark.

Video: Two Humpback Whales Nearly Swallow Snorkelers in California

Divers have a close call with humpback whales in CA.
Talk about a close call.  These two snorkelers (circled in blue) had the scare of a lifetime when they ended up getting a bit too close to the action while filming humpback whales feeding off the Central California Coast .

The video shows the snorkelers within a few feet of the whales mouths during a breach.  One of the diver's states that he knew they were in trouble when they found themselves surrounded by the fleeing fish.

Although the whales were solely focused on consuming fish and had no interest in the two divers, they did come close to accidentally being caught up in the melee.

Fortunately the divers emerged unharmed and now have a story and a video to share for a lifetime.  Of course, they may have to endure continual comments like this one from one of the guys on the boat, "you are going to have to do more to clean that wetsuit."

The video was posted on Youtube by Shawn Stamback on July 20, 2013 and this is the original video.  It is 1:17 in length and they replay the breach in slow motion at the end.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Saturday, July 27, 2013

Video: Young Man Attempts to Grab Passing Hammerhead Shark

In what apparently is becoming the new odd sport for beachgoers, we have yet another video where a young man attempts to grab ahold of a hammerhead shark which was cruising near the shoreline.  This appears to have taken place on a US beach along the Gulf of Mexico.

According to the video poster, the shark first appeared when the video poster was in the water with his brother, his brother's wife and their 14 month old daughter.  The shark, which appears to be about five to six feet length, was approximately 20 feet away when they first noticed it and they immediately bolted out of the water.  He then grabbed his Iphone and began recording.

The video poster followed the shark as it cruised along the shoreline.  The shark came across a small group of young men snorkeling and began circling them.  As the shark moved closer to shore, one of the guys ran towards the shark in the shallow water and attempted to grab it.

It should be noted that a hammerhead shark of this size is generally not dangerous to humans.  Although, if an individual decides to grab a shark of any size, the risk of injury grows exponentially.

The video was posted on Youtube by Jon Juliusson and is 24 seconds in length.
Photo screenshot from video

Friday, July 26, 2013

Photo: Sheet Metal Mako Shark

Check out this mako shark constructed in sheet metal. The handmade shark was built by Sean Tuttle and he just sold it for $10,000. His daughter Katlyn is bravely posing with her arm in its mouth. Sean's website:

Photo: Shark Bite Swimsuit

Here's an interesting take on a shark swimsuit.  And for a $100, you too could have one.  The question is...would you wear it?

Shark bite swimsuit.

Photo: Shark Advertising on City Bus

Talk about some clever advertising. National Geographic Channel took it up a notch when it came to advertising on this city bus.
Shark advertising on city bus.

Thursday, July 25, 2013

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Fatal Shark Attack in Brazil Captured on Video

Fatal shark attack in Recife, Brazil. . 
On Monday, July 22, 2013, an 18-year-old tourist, Bruna Silva Gobbi, was killed while swimming at Boa Biagem beach located in the northeaster Brazilian city of Recife.

The victim was on a family holiday from Sao Paolo and she was swimming with her cousin when they both got caught in a rip current.  As lifeguards began to close in on both drowning victims, Ms. Gobbi was then attacked by either a tiger or bull shark.

The chaotic scene was being filmed and the top video below shows the moment that the victim is attacked by the shark.  In a truly sad image, you see a large splash as the shark hits followed by a large pool of blood in the water.  Lifeguards were not deterred from completing their rescue and they were able to get to the victim along with her cousin and transport them to shore with the aid of a personal water craft.

RIP Bruna Silva Gobbi
In the second video (WARNING: EXTREMELY GRAPHIC), it shows the severity of Ms. Gobbi's injuries as rescuers take her off the beach and being treatment to her severely injured leg.

Ms. Gobbi underwent surgery to have her leg amputated by she died shortly afterwards.

The coastal waters off Recife is home to many aggressive sharks and is considered to be one of the most dangerous places in the world to swim.  There have been a total of 58 shark attacks in the last 21 years at Recife and 28 have been fatal.

Videos by Lima249 on LIveleak.
*EDIT*07/29/2013: Video: View from the Beach of the July 2013 Recife Brazil Fatal Shark Attack

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Flashback Video: Great White Breaks Through Shark Cage

As Shark Week bears down on us, we thought it might be interesting to look back at one of the more memorable shark videos that has been circulated on the internet.

Great white destroys shark cage in Guadalupe Island, Mexico
This video was taken on November 4, 2007 at Guadalupe Island, Mexico and shows a 15 foot, 1 ton great white destroy a shark cage while two divers frantically move about to avoid the thrashing shark.  It may very well be the worst shark cage failure ever caught on video.

The incident occurred during a tourist shark dive.  As two divers waited in the cage with cameras in hand, a bait handler on the surface vessel was luring their target close to the cage with roped bait.  Unfortunately, on this occasion, the bait handler drew the shark too close to the cage and the shark was unable to turn and crashed into the viewing window.  Since sharks are not able to swim in reverse, the shark found itself stuck in the metal porthole.

Shark cage break apart (red) as great white thrashes
The shark began to violently thrash back and forth and with nearly each head shake, the cage began to fall apart.  As the protection of the cage quickly became non-existent, one diver escaped through an emergency escape hatch and was able to continue filming the event from outside the cage.  Fortunately, as the cage fell apart, the shark was able to free itself and swim off.

Neither diver was injured and according to the tour operator, the shark appeared relatively unscathed.  By most accounts, the blame for this accident rested with both the deckhand for enticing the shark too close to the cage and poor construction of the cage which was 6 years old at the time of the accident.  The video was shot by Patrick Walsh and was uploaded on Youtube by ScubaDubaDive.  The first part shows the breaking of the cage in slow motion and then it show the entire sequence of events (including the conclusion) at normal speed.

Video: Female Conservationist Free Dives with 9' Oceanic White Tip Shark

Julie Anderson free dives with oceanic whitetip shark
Shark conservationist and founder of the Shark Angels, Julie Anderson free dives with a nine foot oceanic whitetip shark off Cat Island in the Bahamas.  Her goal in sharing this dive is to bring awareness to the plight of the world's shark population.

Ms. Anderson has swam with numerous species of sharks including those considered more dangerous to humans such as hammerheads, tigers and great whites. She states in the video that swimming with sharks is "one of the most magical, incredible experiences. It's something I encourage everyone to do," she added "Get in the water, meet a shark, because I promise you, you meet a shark, you're not going to want to kill them and you are going to care that they are going extinct."

In reference to her latest encounter with the oceanic whitetip, she states that these sharks have it particularly hard due to the perception by many that they are one of the world's most dangerous sharks.  She hopes by filming and sharing her free dive encounter that she will help change the perception that they are mindless killers.

You can learn more about Shark Angels on their website:

The following video was posted by Barcroft TV and is 2:26 in length.
Photo is screenshot from the Barcroft TV video.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Photo: Beachgoers Enjoy the Water While Sharks Swim Nearby

Swimmers enjoy the waters near Matarangi, New Zealand and are unaware that three sharks are nearby doing what they do. Photo credit:

Aerial view of sharks close to swimmers at beach in Matarangi, New Zealand

Friday, July 19, 2013

Video: Spear Fisherman Fends Off 16 Foot Great White in South Africa

A spear fisherman had the fright of his lifetime when a 16 foot great white shark swam right up to him and he had to fend it off with his spear gun.

This amazing footage was taken on July 18, 2013 in an area known as the Pinnacles off the Western Cape of South Africa. The diver, who is identified as Eugene, had just finished spearing two nice yellowtail when he noticed something unusual.  There were no ragged tooth sharks in the water which he would typically see when fishing these waters.

Once Eugene surfaced, he quickly learned why there were no other sharks in the area, as a massive 16 foot female great white swam directly underneath him.  And before he could get out of the water, the shark turned around and came right at Eugene.

As the shark approached, Eugene lets loose a tirade of muffled screams which can almost comically be heard in the video.  When the shark was within feet of Eugene, he extends his spear out and pokes the curious shark near its eye (the video repeats the poke in slow motion). This was enough to get the shark to swim off which gave Eugene enough time to make a mad 30 meter swim for the safety of the boat. He popped out of the water and immediately cut the anchor line as he readied the small boat to head for safety.

Eugene leaves us with some celebratory screaming as he realizes that lady luck was on his side following this close encounter with a great white.  Thanks for sharing the video Eugene and have a couple of beers on us!

Video: Man Pulls 7 Foot Hammerhead Shark Up on Shore in Alabama

Man grabs hammerhead shark in Gulf Shores, Alabama
In the 'what the hell was that?' department, we have a shark video for you.

The video shows a hammerhead shark (which appears to be about 7 feet in length) cruising the shoreline at Gulf Shores, Alabama.  After a short period of time, some guy appears in a straw hat and wades into the water and attempts to grab the shark by its tail.  After a couple of attempts, he is able to get a firm hold on the shark's tail and then drags it ashore to the shock of onlookers.

Once on shore, the shark is able to break the guy's grip and then begins furiously wiggling to get back into the ocean.  As several onlookers begin yelling for him to put it back, a bikini clad woman enters the picture and attempts to grab the shark.

Eventually, the man is able to get a hold of the shark's tail and help it safely back into the water were the shark quickly swims away.

We have no idea what possessed him to grab the shark in the first place but doing so without the head being secured is extremely dangerous and he ran a very high risk of getting a nasty bite.  In the past, you may have seen a fisherman do this but keep in mind that the sharks head is somewhat controlled by the fishing hook/line and which makes it much safer for him to handle the shark by the tail.

And one final point, it's never a good idea to harass any type of wildlife.

The video was taken by Julie H. on July 8, 2013 and was posted on Youtube by WootBlueDrink.  It is 1:44 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video

33-Year-Old Man Dies Due to Fatal Shark Attack in Diego Garci

Fatal shark attack in Diego Garcia July 14, 2013
A 33-year-old man died following a shark attack on July 14, 2013.  The attack occurred while the man was swimming off the coast of the footprint-shaped coral island Diego Garcia which is located in the central Indian Ocean and is a British Territory.

According to news reports, Fernando Licay was at the beach with friends when he decided to go for a swim by himself. Shortly after entering the water, he was bitten on the leg by an unidentified shark. The shark began thrashing the victim and his friends swam to his aid.

Even after his friends reached Mr. Licay, the shark did not release its grip on the victim's right leg. They were eventually able to free him and get him back to the beach but his leg was severely mangled.  They rushed him to the island’s medical facility but Mr. Licay died due to massive loss of blood.

Mr Licay resides in Santa Clara, California but is originally from the Philippines.

This is the second fatal shark attack this week in the Indian Ocean.  On July 15th, a 15-year-old girl was killed in a shark attack off the Island of Réunion.

News Accounts:
Shark devours Pinoy as friends watched! - Journal Online
Kagay-anon bitten by shark off Diego Garcia Island dies - Sun Star Cagayan de Oro
Kagayanon dies after bitten by shark in Diego Garcia Island - Tsada Gyud

Photo: The Waste of Shark Finning

A blended photo showing the wasteful and inhumane practice of shark finning. 

Shark finning

Photo: Boy Hugs Shark

Boy hugs bull shark
We post random photos from time to time on our Facebook page but this one really surprised us with its popularity.  The photo currently has over 400 Likes, 130 Shares and 80 comments.

Unfortunately, there was no backstory for the photo but it does appear that the shark is a bull shark. Additionally, it does appear that the shark is either dead or in a exausted state due to being recently landed.
Photo creditt:  - I should note that that the photo has been posted numerous times and we were unable to locate the original source.

Thursday, July 18, 2013

Photo: The Frill Shark

The Frill Shark has a long slender eel-like body and a large mouth which reveals 300 trident-shaped teeth aligned in 25 rows. 
It lives in continental slope waters in both the Atlantic and Pacific oceans and typically favors depths of 100m to 1500m. where it feeds in caves and crevices. They feed on marine mollusks which includes squid, cuttlefish and octopus. They also will feed on fish and other sharks if the opportunity presents itself.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Photo: Florida Swimmers Have Exit From Water Blocked by Hammerhead Shark

The above photo was posted by Russell Lewis of NPR on Twitter.  The photo was posted on July 15 and has since been retweeted over 150 times.

Mr. Lewis shot the photo while on vacation in Florida's Seagrove Beach which is east of Pensacola.  According to KGOU, he spotted the shark approximately 50 feet offshore.  He noted that it wasn't aggressive and was most likely searching for bait fish closer to shore.

As beachgoers began to notice the shark, some began yelling "Get out, shark in the water!"  Some swimmers found that their exit was blocked by the shark and were forced to stay in the water until the path was clear.

Read more about the encounter at KGOU.

Monday, July 15, 2013

Fatal Shark Attack Claims Life of 15-Year-Old Girl in the Island of Réunion

Shark Attack at La Réunion - Photo The Journal of the Island  
On July 15, 2013 at around 2:30pm, a 15 year-old-girl was killed by a shark while swimming and snorkeling just 5 meters from shore at the Bay of Saint-Paul in the Island of Réunion.  The island is located in the Indian Ocean and is a French island.

The girl was swimming in an unguarded area which is closed to swimming due to the large number of sharks in the area.  She was with a friend who was unharmed in the attack.

In graphic detail, the The Journal of the Island states that the young victim's body was severed during the attack and that a police helicopter was on scene searching for a body part of the victim.  Other news accounts are saying that the victim was bitten in half and that the shark swam away with the upper part of her torso.

Authorities have authorized the killing of the shark if the shark can be located. 

The last fatal shark attack on La Réunion occurred on May 8, 2013 when a 36-year-old tourist was killed while bodyboarding.

News Accounts:

Saturday, July 13, 2013

Video: Great White Passes by Boat in the Cystal Clear Water of the Florida Keys

Great White at Toppino's Reef in Florida
Check out this beautiful video of a great white as it passes by a boat in the stunningly blue waters of the Florida Keys.

The shark was spotted just off Key West, Florida near Toppino's Reef.

The video was posted on July 11, 2013 and is 34 seconds in length.  It was posted on Youtube by Justin Smith.
Photo is screenshot from video

Shark Bite in Holden Beach, NC

Barbara Corey shark bite injury - photo by WWAY
Various news outlets reported that 63-year-old Barbara Corey was bitten by a shark on Thursday, July 10, 2013, while wading in three to four feet of water off the 200 block of Ocean Blvd, Holden Beach, NC.

According to an interview with the victim by WWAY news, the victim has been surfing her whole life in waters around the globe and has never had a shark incident.  She states that the water was murky and that the shark mistook her foot for a fish.

The shark bit her right foot and she suffered injury to her Achilles tendon.

The reporter from WWAY asked her if she would continue surfing and she replied, "Oh, hell yeah. I'm not giving it up. After 50 years, why stop now?"
Photo from WWAY

News Accounts:
Woman bitten by shark is doing well, wants to get back in the water - WWAY News
63-year-old woman bitten by shark - WRAL News
Holden Beach shark bite victim stable - Wilmington Star News

Video: Trailer from "Of Shark and Man"

Here is a video teaser trailer for the feature length docufilm "Of Shark and Man."

The docufilm is the story of a man with a dream to tell the world of the untold stories of sharks and humans.  The goal is to inspire the uninspired and to reinvigorate how we all view sharks on film.

"The film follows David as he investigates the story of the Reef's rebirth, its protection, Fiji's relationship with the shark as a God and explores the controversy raging around the subject of humans feeding sharks. We also see his own personal journey towards getting closer to these sharks than anyone has been before, but can he achieve his ultimate goal, an unprotected interaction with up to 100 giant Bulls?"

You can view a second trailer here.  The film is expected to be released in 2013. You can obtain additional info on their Facebook page.

Friday, July 12, 2013

Video: Angler Has Trouble Holding a Shark Which Almost Bites Nine Year Old Boy

The following video was originally posted on Liveleak and then reposted on Youtube. According to the description, the video was taken on July 12, 2013 somewhere in the United States.

The video shows an angler attempting to get control of a shark after he landed it on the beach.  While holding the shark, it momentarily breaks the angler's grip and comes quite near a nine year old boy who was too close to the action. Although both the angler and videographer laugh at the chaos, I'm sure they were quite relieved that the young boy was fast on his feet and was able to avoid injury.

No one is harmed and the angler is eventually able to remove the hook.  While the angler is getting his photo with the shark, the shark again breaks free of his grip and is able to wiggle back into the water.