Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Shark Bite in Texas Leaves Teenage Victim Facing Multiple Surgeries

On Monday afternoon, a teenage boy was bitten by a shark near Surfside Beach in Texas.

The 15-year-old victim, Garrett Sebesta, was approximately 50 yards off shore in waist deep water when he was attacked.  He was first bitten in the calf and then when he went to punch the shark to free himself, he was bitten in the hand.  The teenager was able to stop any further attack and he made it to the shore for help.

He was flown to a Houston hospital and his mother reports that he will need several surgeries.  She told KHOU 11 News that her son had severe nerve damage in his hand and is missing a large chunk from his calf.

The type of shark involved in the attack was not identified.  Authorities noted that there have not been any shark bites along Surfside Beach city limits in 25 years although there have been two shark bite incidents at nearby beaches within the last four years. 
Photo from KVUE

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