Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kayak Angler Fends of Curious Hammerhead Shark with Paddle

Florida kayak fisherman fends of hammerhead shark
Three anglers out fishing off Pompano Beach, Florida had a bit of a surprise when a good size hammerhead took a strong interest in what they were doing.  According to the video write-up, at one point the shark bit the back of one of the kayaks and had to be struck with a paddle to get it to release.  This early bite was not captured on video.

In the short video, you will see the shark approach one of the kayaks several times and the guy on board jabs it with his paddle to keep it further away.  The shark then swims over and checks out the other two guys on their kayaks including the guy filming the shark.  As he approaches the guy with the camera, we get a pretty good look at the star of the video.

Looking at the poster's previous videos, it looks like he frequently kayak fishes for larger sport fish including sharks but on this occasion, it looks like the shark was the one doing a little trolling.

The video is 1:33 in length (the video portion doesn't begin until the 10 second mark) and it was uploaded by   TheYakattackfl.

Finally, we are going to go out on a limb and say this too will be the next shark video to go viral.  At this time, it has 26 views so we will come back in a week and post the updated view count.  Last week, we predicted the FL teenager whale shark story would go viral.  It had around 100 views when we posted and as of today, it is now over 580k.  Will our streak continue?  Will we go 2 for 2?  Stay tuned ;-)