Monday, June 24, 2013

Photo: Shark Cloud Formation

Some sharks can really catch some air as shown in this photo posted on Reddit.

Here's the poster's photo description: "Took this from a friends facebook page. She seemed a lot less enthusiastic about it. I told her to share it, but I don't think she is a redditor. The world had to see this shark."

Another person stated that their sister had seen the same formation in central Tennessee.

View the photo and comments on Reddit. 

Friday, June 21, 2013

Video: Great White in Pursuit of Injured Seal

Although the video quality is not the best, here's an interesting sequence of a great white in pursuit of an injured seal.  The location is at Seal Island which is a small land mass located a few miles off the northern beaches of False Bay, near Cape Town, South Africa.

According to the poster, the great white attempted to take the seal in a breach but missed.  The sneak attack resulted in the seal being injured and thus, the pursuit began.

The video was posted by SaylorKel and is 1:48 in length.
Photo screenshot from video.

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Kayak Angler Fends of Curious Hammerhead Shark with Paddle

Florida kayak fisherman fends of hammerhead shark
Three anglers out fishing off Pompano Beach, Florida had a bit of a surprise when a good size hammerhead took a strong interest in what they were doing.  According to the video write-up, at one point the shark bit the back of one of the kayaks and had to be struck with a paddle to get it to release.  This early bite was not captured on video.

In the short video, you will see the shark approach one of the kayaks several times and the guy on board jabs it with his paddle to keep it further away.  The shark then swims over and checks out the other two guys on their kayaks including the guy filming the shark.  As he approaches the guy with the camera, we get a pretty good look at the star of the video.

Looking at the poster's previous videos, it looks like he frequently kayak fishes for larger sport fish including sharks but on this occasion, it looks like the shark was the one doing a little trolling.

The video is 1:33 in length (the video portion doesn't begin until the 10 second mark) and it was uploaded by   TheYakattackfl.

Finally, we are going to go out on a limb and say this too will be the next shark video to go viral.  At this time, it has 26 views so we will come back in a week and post the updated view count.  Last week, we predicted the FL teenager whale shark story would go viral.  It had around 100 views when we posted and as of today, it is now over 580k.  Will our streak continue?  Will we go 2 for 2?  Stay tuned ;-)

14 Foot Tiger Shark Bites Swimmer Off Hawaii's Big Island

Shark bite victim at Kona Coast State Park - KHON 
A male in his late 20's, was bitten by a 14 foot tiger shark while swimming 100 yards offshore at  Kona Coast (Kekaha Kai) State Park. The attack occurred on Tuesday at 1:00pm at this popular Big Island swimming spot.

According to reports, the gentleman was in 12 feet of water when he was bit on his right thigh and calf.  Following the bites, the shark swam away and the victim was able to make it to shore.

The victim was flown to Kona Community hospital and his injuries were not believed to be life threatening.

According to an official with the Department of Land and Natural Resources, the shark continued to stay in the area and the beach was closed until further notice.
Photo from KHON 2

UPDATE (06/19): The victim, James Kerrigan, speaks to Hawaii News Now.

News Accounts:
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Tuesday, June 18, 2013

Image: Looking Out From Within the Shark

One final image today to confuse the mind.  And although it is quite fake, it is a pretty cool pic.
(unknown original source)

Looking out from a sharks mouth at sunset

Photo: Great White Front and Center

The mighty great white front and center.  
 Photo credit:

Great White up close

Shark Bite in Texas Leaves Teenage Victim Facing Multiple Surgeries

On Monday afternoon, a teenage boy was bitten by a shark near Surfside Beach in Texas.

The 15-year-old victim, Garrett Sebesta, was approximately 50 yards off shore in waist deep water when he was attacked.  He was first bitten in the calf and then when he went to punch the shark to free himself, he was bitten in the hand.  The teenager was able to stop any further attack and he made it to the shore for help.

He was flown to a Houston hospital and his mother reports that he will need several surgeries.  She told KHOU 11 News that her son had severe nerve damage in his hand and is missing a large chunk from his calf.

The type of shark involved in the attack was not identified.  Authorities noted that there have not been any shark bites along Surfside Beach city limits in 25 years although there have been two shark bite incidents at nearby beaches within the last four years. 
Photo from KVUE

News articles:
- Shark Bites Teen's Hand, Leg at Texas Beach - ABC News
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- Shark Reportedly Attacks Teen at Texas Beach - KSAT News
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Monday, June 17, 2013

Photo: Ocean Ramsey Freedives with Great White

Doing what she does.... Ocean Ramsey swimming with a large great white shark in her continued effort to demonstrate that they are not mindless killing machines. Always makes for an impressive photo.

Ocean Ramsey freedives with great white

Sunday, June 16, 2013

Video: Standing Your Ground with Sharks

Diver pushes off Tiger Shark
ollection of some close encounters with sharks by divers.  The video is appropriately titled "Stand Your Ground" and was posted by Brett Vercoe.

Photo is screenshot from the video showing a  tiger shark being ushered away after getting a bit too close  I believe this was shot in Fiji.

Thank you to Brett for giving us a headsup about this video via our Facebook page. You can view another of Brett's videos that we shared a couple weeks ago via this link.

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Video: Florida Fisherman Jumps in Water to Ride Whale Shark

Chris Kries swims with Whale Shark in Florida
According to the descriptions in two videos posted by Limited Out Fishing, this whale shark was spotted on June 8, 2013 approximately 30 nautical miles off Captiva, Florida.

The fishing crew was heading offshore when they noticed a large marine animal with its tail out of the water and swimming quickly.  When they pulled up next to it, they identified it as a whale shark and estimated its size at around 28 feet.  They noted that it was swimming in about 75 to 80 feet of water.

Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Video: Kayakers Close Encounter with a Basking Shark

Kayaker close encounter with basking shark
Kayakers have an up close encounter with a basking shark off the Isle of Man, located in the Irish Sea between Great Britain and Ireland.

As you probably know, basking sharks are filter feeders and pose no threat to humans. But nonetheless, the still image does make for a double take.

The video was posted on Youtube by sayno67 and it is 48 seconds in length.

Photo is screenshot from video.

Video: Orca Steals Halibut Off Fisherman's Line

Orca steals halibut from fisherman in Alaska
We've seen quite a few videos of late where sharks have been taking fish off fishermen's line.  Well check out this video from Alaska which shows an Orca gracefully stealing a halibut off a shocked fisherman's line.

The video was posted by Charlie Barberini and is 32 seconds in length. Note: Adult language.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Saturday, June 8, 2013

Video: Two Bull Sharks Steal Trophy Tarpon in Florida

Two bull sharks steal fisherman's tarpon
A fisherman was in the process of reeling in a prized tarpon off the coast of Florida when two bull sharks latched onto his catch.  Within seconds, the water turned red as they tore into the hooked tarpon.

Although the fisherman and his friends were initially sad to see their prized fish disappear, they appeared to be quite amazed and delighted as the bull sharks engaged in a minor feeding frenzy next to their boat.

The video was posted by Rapala and is 1:35 in length.
Photo is screenshot from video.

Video: Diver's Free Shark from Entanglement

Here's a feel good video for today.  Divers near South Solitary Island, Solitary Islands Marine Park, Coffs Harbour, NSW, Australia are successful at removing entanglements from three different grey nurse sharks.

The video was posted by Brett Vercoe and in the write up, he thanks for the following: "Thanks for support from Mike Davey and his team at Jetty Dive as well as Steve Dalton from the National Marine Science Centre. All rescues undertaken with DPI/MPA supervision and approvals.