Friday, May 3, 2013

Video: Shark Bites Diver's Air Hose During Florida Wreck Dive

Shark bites diver's air hose.
The following Youtube video was posted on May 1, 2013 and shows a diver struggling with air management following a shark bite on his primary air hose.  The incident occurred while several divers were exploring a wreck in Key Largo, FL.

As the diver's penetrate the wreck, you catch a brief glimpse of the shark as it leaves the area after biting one of the divers air hoses (15 second mark).  Following the bite, the diver immediately turns to one of his buddies who assist him in retrieving his back up regulator.  At this point (45 seconds), you see the shark, which they label 'Mr Trouble,' passing in front of the divers.

The divers, realizing that the shark is continuing to show interests in them and knowing that one of the divers is already on his backup regulator, make a prudent decision and terminate the dive.

The entire incident was captured on two separate video cameras and both views are showed in the video.  In addition, they use captioning to tell the story.

Kudos to all the divers involved for maintaining their cool and for doing everything right.  The video was posted by Scubarium and is 2:06 in length.
Photo is a screenshot from the video.