Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Surfing Honeymooner Killed by Shark Off Reunion Island

Shark flags are raised at Brisants de Saint-Gilles
A 36-year-old French national, who was on his honeymoon, was killed by a shark while surfing off Brisants de Saint-Gilles beach on Reunion Island.

The surfer was attacked twice by a shark and sustained bites to his arm and thigh. A nearby swimmer witnessed the attack and alerted lifeguards who then retrieved the victim and brought him to shore.

The victim was in cardiac arrest and rescuers were unable to revive him. The victim's wife was on the beach at the time of the attack.

Last year, there were two separate shark related incidents on the island. The first one resulted in a fatality and in the second incident, the victim lost an arm and leg but survived.

News Accounts: 
- Shark Attack: Man Killed Off Reunion Island (Sky News)
- French honeymooner killed by a shark while surfing in front of his wife at beach resort in Indian Ocean (Daily Mail)
- French honeymooner killed by shark in Reunion island (AFP)
Photo from Daily Mail (click link above for more photos)

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