Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Video: Shark Erupts from Water to Steal Kayak Fisherman''s Catch

Isaac Brumaghim kawakawa tuna fish tiger shark kayak fishing
The following video from Hawaii was posted on Youtube by Isaac Brumaghim and shows a kayak fisherman (presumably Isacc) pulling in a kawakawa (tuna) fish when a sizable shark breaches the water in an attempt to steal the fisherman's catch.

Clearly the kayaker was not expecting such a surprise and it takes him a several seconds to decompress from the shocking event.

The video is 1:04 in length and the shark makes its appearance at the 11 second mark.  The breach is also replayed at the end of the video in slow motion.  Enjoy the wild ride!!

[EDIT 10/03/14 - Isaac informed us on our Facebook page that it was a galapagos shark that tried to snack on his kawakawa.]
Photo is a video screenshot.