Friday, April 19, 2013

Video: 'Shark Callers' of Paua New Guinea Catch Sharks

Here's a fascinating video showing how the 'shark callers' of Papua New Guinea are able to catch sharks using rather limited means.

The shark caller starts by stirring up the water with a noise-maker made of coconuts woven on a vine.  The chaotic noise is enough to attracts sharks that soon arrive to investigate.  Once a shark nears, the skilled hunter is able to draw
it even closer by using a small piece of bait on the end of a stick.

Once he is able to entice the shark near the surface, he then somewhat gently places a slip knot over the shark.  Attached to the slip knot is a wooden floater in the shape of a propeller which appears to confuse the the shark as it works to free itself from the entanglement.  At this point, the fisherman is able to spear the shark and pull it to his boat where it is quickly dispatched.

The video was posted on Youtube by AlliantContent and is 3:13 in length.

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