Saturday, April 13, 2013

Video: New Zealand Kayak Fisherman Unintentionally Hand Feeds Shark

On Wednesday, we posted the video of Isaac Brumaghim who was kayak fishing in Hawaii when a large tiger shark breached the water directly behind his kayak. At the time we watched the video, it had just over 300 views. As of this morning, it now has over 4 million views and continues to quickly climb. It's clear to us, folks love a good kayak/shark video.

So to do our part to help feed the frenzy (pun intended), we thought we would share a cool video from 2011 which shows a group of New Zealand kayak fisherman who also had an unexpected surprise from a shark.

The group is fishing for kingfish when Jim Sammons lands a nice 40 pounder. As he is pulling the fish onto his yak, a shark erupts from below and rips the shark from Jim's hands. This is immediately followed by laughter and vocal shock from Jim and his fellow fisherman.

The shark appears at the 0:56 mark and it is replayed in slow motion a bit later. The video was posted by KayakFishingTales and the total length is 1:51.

Photo is a screenshot from the video.