Saturday, April 20, 2013

Video: Eating Rotted Shark Meat at the Thorrablot Festival.

While the idea of dining on rotted Greenland shark meat wouldn't appeal to most, in Iceland it is considered a time honored tradition.

In order to make the shark meat edible, they cure the rotting shark flesh for many months to help release the ammonia.

Once the meat is void (at least to some degree) of the ammonia, the shark is then served to a small group of diehards during the wintertime Thorrablot festival. The festival is a celebration of country's Viking heritage.

While a few of the older people have developed a taste for the meat, others will only eat a small nibble as a symbolic connection to their past.

Of course there are some people that one touch it. As one gentleman states in the video, "it taste and smells like piss."  That's good enough for me, I pass.

Video posted on Youtube by National Geographic and is 3:01 in length.