Friday, March 8, 2013

Video: Angler Lands and Then Loses Shark in Palm Beach, Florida

As you may have recently seen in the news or here on our page, thousands of migrating sharks have been causing beach closures in Palm Beach, FL.  The sharks which are mostly blacktip and spinner sharks are in the midst of their annual migration north and have been feeding very close to shore.

This angler decided to take advantage of this perfect fishing opportunity and he was able to hook one of the passing sharks. Unfortunately for the angler, after landing the small shark he soon discovered that it was was just too much to handle. 

The shark was able to break free of his grip and swim to safety even as the angler's friend nearly dove in the water in an dangerous attempt to recapture it.

The video was taken with a Iphone and is of rather poor quality.  It was posted on Youtube by Shadesdaddy.

Update: News media account of the catch. The shark was caught and then released.  In addition, the mouth was swabbed so they can better understand the bacteria inside the shark's mouth which in turn will help create better medicine to fight infection when people are bit by sharks.

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