Friday, March 15, 2013

Stowaway Sea Lion Hooks a Ride to Shore on Kayak

Check out this cute video from South Bay in Los Angeles, CA. Rick Coleman had just wrapped up a night dive and was preparing to get back on his kayak to paddle home when a sea lion pup decided it wanted to share some dry space on the kayak.

What follows is a cute sequence as the diver attempts to usher the stowaway back into the water only to have the young hitchiker reappear in the kayak moments later.

Realizing that he wasn't going to win the battle and consecerned that the sea lion might be trying to escape a shark or looking to warm up, he headed back to shore with his new friend.

Once on shore, he was able to make contact with Animal Rescue and was told that because young pups don't have much fat, it was most likely just trying to warm up a bit.

After approximately 45 minutes and presumably being a fair bit warmer, the sea lion swam away.

 Mr. Coleman states that it was a very special experience that he soon won't forget...and neither will we thanks to his GoPro video.

Photo is screenshot from video.