Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Ocean Ramsey Travels the World to Bring About Better Understanding of the Plight of Sharks

Ocean Ramsey, 27, continues to travel the globe and swimming with many species of sharks in an effort to bring about shark awareness.

Ocean, who is a shark conservationist, scuba instructor, freediver and model, hopes to prove that sharks are nothing like the evil reputation cultivated by the film Jaws.

Ocean does state that there is a risk in swimming with large sharks and advises most people not to try and freely swim in their presence.
But her goal with these swims is clear, about 99% of the time sharks are calming swimming about and are not trying to bite something.  They are not the terrifying beasts as depicted by Hollywood.

Ms. Ramsey hopes that her efforts will ultimately lead people to a better appreciation of sharks and she asks people to sign a petition to help further their protections.

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