Sunday, March 31, 2013

Video: Fishermen Catch Shark and Don't Know What to Do Next.

Caution - this video may be disturbing to some.

Fishermen off the coast of Mississippi catch what appears to be about a 3 foot shark.  Once they get it to the boat, they seem to have no idea what to do with it.

They first attempt to kill it by pinning it's head with a paddle and stabbing it but they fail.  They then try to kill it with multiple stabs to the head but again they fail to kill it.  At this point, they discuss just cutting the line and letting it go but they decide against that idea.

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Video: Young Angler Catches/Releases Ragged Tooth Shark in Jeffreys Bay

This young angler pulls in a ragged tooth shark in Jeffreys Bay, South Africa.  After a few pics, the boy struggles to pull the shark, which  appears to be longer than the young boy is tall, back into the water for the release.

My favorite part of the video is at the end when the gentleman shooting the video gives the young angler a congratulatory handshake and the boy responds with a tired yet fulfilled smile.

Video: Florida Fisherman Pulls in Shark & Onlookers

Judah Clark was fishing at Daytona Beach, Florida when he landed a six to seven foot blacktip shark. 

Once he had the shark ashore, a sizable crowd on nearly 50 people formed to watch him unhook and then release the shark.  \

Judah noted that after the release, no one went in the water for the rest of the day.

Video: Dog Attacks and Kills Baby Sea Lion in California

Chaotic scene as bulldog breaks free of its owner and attacks and mauls a baby sea lion on Laguna Beach, CA.

No charges were levied against the owner because it was legal to have a dog on the beach and it was deemed an accident as the dog had broken free from the owner's control. Scientists confirm first two-headed bull shark

The study, led by Michigan State University and appearing in the Journal of Fish Biology, confirmed the specimen, found in the Gulf of Mexico April 7, 2011, was a single shark with two heads, rather than conjoined twins...

Read the full story here (includes x-ray images)
Photo from article

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Video: Freediving with Sharks and Dolphins

Beautiful video of a freediver enjoying some time with sharks and dolphins in the Bahamas.

The video was shot by Bruno Vanherck and posted on Vimeo by Aquacam Tommy Vuylsteke.

Video: Fisherman Catch Large Great White Off Florida

Caution: Adult Language. Large Great White caught off Florida.

Video description: 18' Great White Shark, 2500 - 3000 LBS, caught March 15, 2013, 30 miles out of Johns Pass, Florida, Capt. Joe Maisano, Angler Fab Marchese from Ontario Canada.  Video posted on Youtube by gofastfishingcharter.

US Tourist Suffers Shark Bite in the Bahamas

The Jamaica Observer is reporting that a tourist from New York is recovering in the hospital following a shark bite.

The gentleman was fishing at the island of Eleuthera when he was bitten on the leg by a shark.

Read the full story here.

Video: GoPro Used to Capture Aerial Views of Shark

Cool video: This guy spots a shark close to shore and sends up a GoPro on a kite to capture some aerial views. There is no mention of where this took place. (Video length is 21 seconds)

Video: Victim of Shark Attack Shows Injury and Recovery

WARNING: GRAPHIC. This video was recently posted and shows the graphic foot wound of a shark bite survivor. As best as I can tell using a translator, the attack occurred on 16 December 2010 in Fiji. The victim not only filmed the injury but also the treatment he received and his recovery which includes a happy visit with friends.

He states that following the bite, he had to wait 8 hours for surgery. An infection eventually developed and he attributes the exceptional follow-up care at St. Vincent Hospital in Sydney for his recovery.

Video: Kayaker Close Encounter with Basking Shark

Thanks to Adrian Brough for letting us know about this cool video he shot of a basking shark in West Cornwall, UK. He states that he was able to get very close on his kayak without disturbing it while it dined on plankton.

Fisherman Catches Shark, Shark Then Bites Man

Cape Town: A fisherman caught a shark in a tag & release competition. While the angler was attempting to measure the shark, he was knocked over by a wave and the shark bit him on the ankle and calf.

Read the full story here.
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Saturday, March 16, 2013

Video: Diver Hand Feeds & Rides 15 Foot Tiger Shark in Fiji

Here's a pretty stunning video of a tiger shark dive filmed in Beqa Lagoon Shark Dive, Fiji.

The video was posted by Oosie505 and was filmed on a GoPro Hero 2 in August 2012. Per the description, the videographer states that they were told by the dive master that they probably wouldn't see any tiger sharks on their dive. Well, the dive master was mistaken as a massive 15' tiger shark appeared and then quickly stole the show.

Video: Fisherman Catches Seven Sharks in Victoria Australia

Fisherman catches seven sharks on a weekend fishing trip at Ninety Mile Beach in Victoria, Australia.

Per the description - the fisherman was field testing new Omoto fishing gear and he notes that all the sharks were released unharmed. The sharks caught and released were great white, bronze whaler, and a hammerhead shark. Video posted on Youtube by Michael Somerville.

Friday, March 15, 2013

Stowaway Sea Lion Hooks a Ride to Shore on Kayak

Check out this cute video from South Bay in Los Angeles, CA. Rick Coleman had just wrapped up a night dive and was preparing to get back on his kayak to paddle home when a sea lion pup decided it wanted to share some dry space on the kayak.

What follows is a cute sequence as the diver attempts to usher the stowaway back into the water only to have the young hitchiker reappear in the kayak moments later.

Wednesday, March 13, 2013

16' Tiger Shark Kills Spear Fisherman in Jamaica

Tiger Shark -  Credit
A 68-year-old fisherman, Geroge Farcey, has been killed by a reported 16' tiger shark while spear fishing approximately three miles off the southern coast of Jamaica near the town of Savanna-la-Mar.

Mr. Farcey was a veteran spear fisherman and had become separated from the larger group when the attack occurred at around 10:30am.

Fellow fishermen became concerned when Mr. Facey did not signal for the boat to pick him up. When they went over to get him they saw a shark, which they belive to be a tiger shark, circling Mr. Farcey and they could see the victim had been bitten multiple times and was missing a hand and foot. Mr. Facey's lifeless body was retrieved from the water.

Tuesday, March 12, 2013

British Hero Who Wrangled Shark From Kids Fired by Employer

Paul Marshellsea, 62, has gone from hero to unemployed. A few weeks ago, Paul made international headlines when he grappled with a shark in Queensland, Australia after it was closing in on nearby children.

Today we have learned from numerous media outlets that he has been fired from his job because at the time of his heroics, he was on sick leave from work.

Read the full story here (with video)
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BBC: 'Historic' day for shark protection

March 11, 2013

Three types of critically endangered but commercially valuable shark (oceanic whitetip, hammerhead, and porbeagles) have been given added protection at the Cites meeting in Bangkok.

The body, which regulates trade in flora and fauna, voted by a two-thirds majority to upgrade the sharks' status... 

Read the full story here.
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WKZO: Locals, biologists face off over Philippine whale shark feeding

March 12, 2013 
By David Loh 

Tan-awan, Philippines (Reuters) - Tan-awan, in the southern Philippines island of Cebu, used to be a sleepy village that never saw tourists unless they were lost or in transit. Yet now they flock there by the hundreds - to swim with whale sharks, the world's largest fish...

But the practice has sparked fierce debate on the internet and among biologists, who decry it as unnatural...

Read the full story here
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Video: Harbor Seal Pups Find a Slippery SUP Sanctuary

Where do you go when you are a newly weaned harbor seal looking for a bit of dry space?  Grab onto the nearest SUP board.  HydRemote posted the following video which was taken at 3 Tree Point on Puget Sound, Washington State, USA.

HydRemote floated his old windsurf board which had a mounted GoPro camera.  Fortunately for all of us, the seal pups knew exactly where to perform for their antics to be captured by the camera lens.  He notes that it had rained that morning which made for some serious slip and slide action on the board.

Sunday, March 10, 2013

Video: Kayak Fisherman's Close Call with a Mako Shark in Western Australia

A kayak fisherman was enjoying the day a few km off shore in Western Australia when he came across a menacing mako shark.

The shark was soon circling the kayak and at one point even hit his small watercraft. The angler attempted to fend off the shark by hitting it with his camera and his paddle but it didn't seem to have any effect. What made the situation even more hair raising for the angler was that at the time, he thought it was a great white.

Video: Kimi Werner & Ocean Ramsey Ride a Great White

Ocean Ramsey rides a great white
In October 2012, diver-model Kimi Werner and Ocean Ramsey headed to Mexico to dive with great whites.  What made their trip so unique is that both ladies were going to dive without the protection of a shark cage.

They came across what they described as a 'calm' female great white and they both felt comfortable doing a free dive with the apex predator.  The each took turns holding onto the shark's dorsal fin and taking short rides.

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Video: Hand Feeding a Great White Shark

Valerie Taylor hand feeds and pets a great white in documentary Shadow of the Shark
Valerie Taylor hand feeds a great white shark
Here's a brief clip from the documentary Shadow of the Shark which aired on Australian Geographic TV in 2000. Clips from the documentary have recently been popping up on Youtube and since it was the first time I had seen it, I thought I would share it here.

In this clip, Valerie Taylor amazingly hand feeds and pets a large great white shark.  She notes that for some reason, she has an understanding with this particular shark and feels completely safe getting so close to the shark.  Additionally, she notes that with this one shark, she could  safely enter the water and swim with it.  She did caution that she does not have the same feeling when dealing with other great whites.

Great White Shark Shot in South Australia, Jaws Removed

Australian authorities with PIRSA Fisheries are appealing for information from the public, following the discovery of a great white shark in the Port Lincoln National Park that appears to have been illegally killed.

The shark was discovered by a member of the public on Sunday 24 February, washed up at September Beach, 20km South of Port Lincoln.

It appears that the shark had been in the water for several weeks before it was found with multiple gun shot wounds and its jaws removed. According to Regional fisheries manager Andrew Carr, "It appeared to include perhaps half a dozen holes around its head area which, put two and two together, suggests it may have been shot," he said.

Video: Loggerhead Sea Turtle Mating

On March 5, 2013, Ben Johnson was diving off San Pedro, Belize when he came across the rare sight of two loggerhead sea turtles mating.  Fortunately for us, he was able to capture the remarkable scene on video and he shared it on Youtube.

About loggerhead mating habits: According to various studies, female loggerheads produce cloacal pheromones to indicate to males that they are ready to mate.  Male loggerheads will approach the female and if other males are present, they will fight with each other until the strongest asserts his dominance.  From there, the male will mount the female and and will use the curved claws on his front flippers to latch onto the female's shell.  Once he is securely latched on, he will fold his long tail under her shell to copulate.

Friday, March 8, 2013

Video: Angler Lands and Then Loses Shark in Palm Beach, Florida

As you may have recently seen in the news or here on our page, thousands of migrating sharks have been causing beach closures in Palm Beach, FL.  The sharks which are mostly blacktip and spinner sharks are in the midst of their annual migration north and have been feeding very close to shore.

This angler decided to take advantage of this perfect fishing opportunity and he was able to hook one of the passing sharks. Unfortunately for the angler, after landing the small shark he soon discovered that it was was just too much to handle. 

The shark was able to break free of his grip and swim to safety even as the angler's friend nearly dove in the water in an dangerous attempt to recapture it.

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Video: OCEARCH Tags Great White Off Jacksonville, FL

As we posted earlier, OCEARCH has tagged a third great white on the east coast of the United States.  They have now just posted the following video which shows exactly what was involved in successfully catching, tagging and then releasing the great white.

To track this new shark Lydia, or to track any of the other tagged sharks, visit their website at

Video: Sand Tiger Shark Shows Off Overbite

Sand tiger shark protrusible jaws, extending jaws, yawn
Sand tiger shark protrusible jaw
Check out this sand tiger shark that appears to let out a yawn as he is cruising around his aquarium tank.

Is it just me or does this shark appear to have a bit of an overbite issue?  In actuality, the sand tiger shark has a protrusible jaw which it uses along with its long pointy teeth to easily grab fish.

Of course when mentioning sharks with protrusible jaws, none compare to the goblin shark as seen in the second video.

Migrating Sharks in Palm Beach Cause Beach Closures

Sharks are showing up in large numbers in Palm Beach, Florida as part of their normal migration pattern.
Unfortunately for beach-goers, these finned visitors are causing lifeguards to occasionally close beach as a precautionary measure.
Read the full article here (includes numerous photos)
Photo credit: Palm Daily News article

Video: Red Sea Divers Encounter Curious Tiger Shark

Divers encounter a curious tiger shark in the Red Sea. 

At the 45 second mark, the shark takes a turn towards the diver with the camera and the person lets out a verbal sound that i can only imagine included a few choice words. 

(Total length 59 seconds).

Ocean Ramsey Travels the World to Bring About Better Understanding of the Plight of Sharks

Ocean Ramsey, 27, continues to travel the globe and swimming with many species of sharks in an effort to bring about shark awareness.

Ocean, who is a shark conservationist, scuba instructor, freediver and model, hopes to prove that sharks are nothing like the evil reputation cultivated by the film Jaws.

Ocean does state that there is a risk in swimming with large sharks and advises most people not to try and freely swim in their presence.

Monday, March 4, 2013

Video: Shark Feeding Session for Tourists in the Bahamas

Here's a short video (01:07) of a show & tell shark feeding session in Exumas, Bahamas.  The video was posted on Vimeo by Eric Hill.

Judging by the oohs and ahhs from the crowd, it appears they enjoyed it.

Photo is a screenshot from the video.

Video: Pro Surfer Alana Blanchard Swims With Sharks

Surf Pro Alana Blanchard swims with sharks
Pro surfer and occasional bikini model Alana Blanchard along with her friends Leila Hurst and Camille Brady swim with sharks off the coast of Oahu, Hawaii.

The video was posted by Network A and is from their series Alana: Surfer Girl which airs every Monday on Network A.

After the shark cage adventure, the trio go for a surf at Oahu's Seven Mile Miracle.
Screenshot from video.

Sunday, March 3, 2013

Video: A Prized Tuna Catch Falls Victim to a Hungry Shark

Christian Möller shows off what's left of his tuna following a sizeable shark bite
Christian Möller shows off what's left of his tuna
following a sizeable shark bite
The following video features Christian Möller who is in the process of pulling in a beautiful tuna when a shark decides that it should have first dibs on Christian's catch.

All is going well for Christian as he gets the tuna next to the boat.  But at the 0:56 mark, things take a bad turn when the shark latches on to Christian's catch and the reel begins screaming as the shark takes line.

Ocearch Has Tagged a Third Great White Off the US Coast

The crew on the OCEARCH vessel have just tagged a third great white off the east coast of the United States.

Lydia, a 14.5 foot -2,000lb great white, was tagged off the coast of Jacksonville, FL and becomes the third shark fitted with a satellite tag off the east coast. 

You can follow Lydia, along with Mary Lee and Genie at the OCEARCH website:

Read more about Lydia being tagged here.
Photo from article

Video: Up Close at Tiger Beach

We come across a lot of videos from Tiger Beach in the Bahamas but this one really stood out.  It has some wonderful up close shots and the music is rather catchy.  It features both videos and still shots of the famous tiger sharks and a few of their related friends.

The video was posted on Vimeo by    Per the opening, it was shot in February 2013.
Photo is a screenshot from the video.

Video: Friendly Whale Sharks in the Philippines

Here are some friendly whale sharks interacting with people on outrigger canoes.  The encounter occurred in Cebu city, Philippines and was posted on Youtube by michael dodger sanchez.

Photo is a screenshot from the video. Video is 2:18 in length.

Jakarta Globe: Shark Fin-Hungry China Drives ‘Chaotic’ Fishing in Indonesia

As the demand for shark fin soup continues to grow in China and elsewhere, Indonesian fishermen are busy adding shark fins to their typical catch of tuna and marlin.

They state that because the price for shark fins is worth so much, it's a real bonus when they pull in a shark.  The fins are easily sold to middle-men who anxious to take them to their primarily Chinese customers.

Read the full article here.
Photo from article.

Shark Attack Kills Lone Swimmer in New Zealand

On February 28, 2013, Adam Strange was killed during a shark attack at an Auckland beach.

The victim was swimming alone approximatey 300 meters off shore when the attack occurred.  Lifequards witnessed the attack and attempted to reach him but he had alreay expired when they arrived.  Both lifeguards and police offices in a helicopter opened fire on the shark but it was unknown if they had hit the target.

Read more of the initial story here. (Sydney Morning Herald)
Photo from article

Follow up stories:
Beach tribute for shark-attack victim (
Editorial: Shark attack no reason to stay out of the water (New Zealan Herald)

Photo: Shark rock in Naxos island, Greece

First some clever brewers came up with a land shark and now we have mother nature providing us with a rock shark.

This rock is located in Naxos island, Greece and has become somewhat of a tourist attraction over the years.  And just like many other species of sharks, it is harmless to humans.

Now You Can Sleep with the Fishes

Hey there is good news for folks that can't get enough underwater time, you no longer have to be on the wrong end of a mafia hit to sleep with the fishes.

Here's a very interesting article from talking about sever underwater hotels where you can sleep at the bottom of the sea.

Read the story here (includes several photos)
Photo from article Life after shark attack — taking challenges one step at a time

Nicole Moore discuss the impact that a shark attack had on her life and how she has moved on in life. 

The attack occurred during a vacation in Cancun in January 2011.  She was bitten twice by a shark which left her femur bone exposed and ultimately led to the amputation of her right arm.

Although the healing was a grueling process, she states that it’s important to continue moving forward.

Read the full article here.
Photo from article