Saturday, January 5, 2013

Video: Whale Shark goes Vertical!

Whale shark goes verticalCheck out this cool video of some snorklers encountering a whale shark that comes to the surface.

Video description: "Great footage of the whale shark going vertical and sucking in water. It was raining so the shots have low light therefore no as high quality as it should. Will try and enhance it later..."
Photo is screenshot from video

The Sydney Morning Herald: Why do we feel so safe?

Aerial beach patrols in search of sharksDo swimmers have a false sense of security when it comes to aerial shark patrols.  This article says yes and that only one in eight sharks is actually spotted.

Article snippet:
AERIAL beach patrols detect as few as one in eight sharks and give the public ''an inflated sense of protection against shark attack'', a damning state government report says.

Shark Alarm Bondi Beach in Australia (Video)

Orderly evacuation following a shark alarm
Shark alarm activation 
This is what you call a very orderly evacuation from the water at the sounding of a shark alarm.

This occurred in January 1, 2013.

The video was posted on Youtube by Daniel Russo and it is just over one minute in length.
Photo is a video screenshot.

Video: Diving with Overly Curious Tiger Sharks

Tiger shark attempts to bite divers swim fin.  Tiger Beach Bahamas with Jim Abernethy
Tiger shark at tiger beach
These divers at Tiger Beach in the Bahamas appear to burn some serious air when the sharks they're filming become a tad overly curious. The video was shot taken by a member of an Italian dive party who were on a Jim Abernethy dive trip in November 2012.

There seems to be a lot of erratic movement by the divers when they are in the presence of the sharks which in turn appears to creates some increased exploratory behavior from the finned guest of honor.

At the 6 second mark, one of the divers is walking backwards and kicking up sand and we see the tiger take a tiny nip towards his fins.  It would appear the shark was attempting to see if the 'floopy thing' creating all the disturbance was actually a fish. At the 31 second mark, the tiger appears to nibble at one of the diver's cameras and later at 1:15, it again plows into a diver's camera.

As noted in the video description, the shark appeared to be "very investigative." And from watching the video, it does not appear that any of the sharks were being aggressive towards the diver.  If anything, they seemed interested in trying to figure out what was causing all the commotion.

Video posted by Giovanni Rossi Filangieri and is 2:14 in length.
Photo is a video screenshot.

Video: In Search of Megalodon Shark's Teeth in NC

Here's a cool video of divers in NC searching for megalodon shark's teeth. How about this guys find? Wow!!  

Video is 6:43 in length: 

Photo is screenshot from video.
Megaldon shark teeth diving in North Carolina-June 2012 from Ken Kollwitz on Vimeo.

Outsideonline:Tracking the Great Whites: What We Can Learn From Genie and Mary Lee

For the fans of the great white shark Mary Lee, here's an informative article about the east coast habitat of Mary Lee and her friends

Article snippet: "South Carolina surfers and other Lowcountry residents can't stop talking about two white sharks that have been spotted just off the East Coast. But these 16-foot giants may have been swimming in our waters all along."